Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Thank Goodness for Salt

This was a weird day, made weirder by the workings of my un-fevered brain.  Here's how the day went.

I was happy to note that I felt close to normal when I woke up.  I had not yet written Funny the World, so the first thing I did, after feeding the dogs, was to write the journal entry.

Next was to get the Patience review written for the Sacramento paper.  The paper has very specific regulations for how things are done, how to format various parts of the review for what kind of review it is (Stage A is 225-275 words with a photo, Stage B is 200-250 words without a photo. Stage Pick is 75-100 words, with a photo)

I don't have all this in memory because I have a handy cheat sheet I pull up whenever I start a review.
Only the cheat sheet is on the F drive, which doesn't work!  Ahhh...but I also was smart two weeks ago copied all that stuff over to a flash drive.  I took out my box of flash drives and there are seven flash drives, including one shaped like an elephant, but not the pretty blue new flash drive.  

How could I have lost it!  I searched everywhere, under every pile, and it was just nowhere.  So I emailed the newspaper editor and asked her if she could send me another.

While I was waiting, I decided to have breakfast.  The ER doctor said no fat so I decided on spinach and eggs, with some garlic added for flavor.  I realized I needed salt for it so I went looking for the salt shaker.  I have two, one for the kitchen, one for the table, but do you think I could find either?  Of course not.

While the eggs cooled, I looked everywhere for a salt shaker and when I started unearthing things on the table (unsuccessfully), I picked up the little pouch that holds the electronics for my laptop.  I suddenly saw myself putting the blue flash drive in that pouch.  I opened the pouch and there it was!
I also found the salt shaker buried on the kitchen counter.

The very first thing I did was to copy all of those files on the desktop drive so I could put the flash drive away with the other seven drives.

That done, I got the review written and sent off.  Then it was time to go to Kaiser.

The doctor and I went over the ER results, she ordered more blood work, did a bladder ultrasound but, like the ER doctor, had no clue what happened.  But in the interim, between Friday and today, I was feeling almost normal so we're just taking a wait and see stance.

When we got home, Tom called and we chatted about how much the girls love school and how their after school activities include soccer and karate for both, cooking for Lacie, French for Bri.  Bri also wants to start learning the trumpet.  I think I'm glad I'm not living in their house these days.  Interesting, but exhausting!

Tom asked if we were coming down to SB while Jeri was there later this month.  I told him this was the first I was hearing of it.

Walt swears we discussed it with Jeri when she was here for the 4th of July but I have zero memory of it.  Things like that scare me, given the dementia history and my other regular memory lapses.
We decided that yes, we would like to go to Santa Barbara while  Jeri is here.

Came time to cook dinner.  I was making a crock pot meal.  I put everything in the crock pot, set the timer, and sat down to watch some talking head or other.  Half an hour later, I went to check on it and discovered that I had forgotten to push the "start" button, so I did that, went back to my recliner, got up to check in it half an hour and discovered I had set it for "low" and it was supposed to be "high" so I reset it for high and went back to my recliner.  In about 15 minutes I went to check on it and discovered that I had again forgotten to press the start button.

It was beginning to look like dinner at 10 p.m.

I had halved the recipe and it actually was ready to eat at 9:30, which, while late, is not completely unusual for us.

I was happy when it was time to go to sleep, but it is now 4:45 a.m. and I have not yet been able to sleep.  However, I did finally get to watch The Theory of Everything.

Oh.  And when I went to eat my dinner and wanted to salt my meal, I couldn't find the salt shaker.

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