Saturday, September 30, 2017

Prince Caspian Rides Again

Today was the big day:  Jeri was coming!  Her plane arrived in Los Angeles around 5:30, so Walt and Alice Nan planned to drive down to get her.  I opted out, and am glad I did since, with rush hour traffic, it took them more than 3 hours to get there (without the traffic, only 2 to get back to Santa Barbara).

I had a wonderful time.  I hadn't seen any TV news since we left Davis, since this is a "normal" household and the TV is not on 24/7 like it is at home.  I watched a couple of MSNBC talking heads, getting depressed over just about everything...but it was nice to feel "caught up" again.

Tom called to check on what I was doing and then invited me over for "family movie night."  The girls were going to watch Prince Caspian (which we will discuss in our book club meeting on Sunday)

I made a very big mistake.  I decided not to wear my hearing aids, thinking of the girls running and screaming around the house, forgetting that they rarely do that.  Three big reasons why I broke down and got the hearing aids were:

1. The volume on the TV at Tom's house is turned so low that I miss about 90% of whatever is being said, and have to rely on visual clues and lip reading.

2.  The girls talk to me in a very low voice, speaking fast, and I miss a lot of what they say.

3.  Jeri also speaks very low and very fast and I really miss about 50% of what she says to me unless I constantly ask her to repeat herself.

So those were the three reason I got the hearing aids in the first place and then decided NOT to wear them.  How stupid could I be?

The movie was starting when I got to the house and we watched it.  About 2/3 of the way in, I called up IMDB on my phone to read the summary because I was totally lost in what was going on.

The girls were being princesses, more like flower children, with flowers in their hair, curled up next to a bean bag chair watching the movie, or cuddled with Tom and Laurel on the couch.  I don't know how long "family movie night" has been going on, but probably since before Lacie was born.  What a lovely tradition!  The kids don't watch a lot of regular TV but save it for special occasions.

When it was over, Nine Lives, where Kevin Spacey, a high powered Trump-like business man get trapped in the body of a cat and has to learn how to be a human before he can be released came on.  It was cute.

The airport gang arrived during the movie and were out in the kitchen laughing it up. I wanted to join them, but also wanted to see the (predictable) end of the movie.  When it finally ended and I joined them, I discovered there was FOOD out there.  I had not had dinner and was starving, so I scarfed down a lot of bread and hummus and some salami slices.

While we were there, I took this picture of their dog, Bandit, and posted it on Facebook, saying it needed a caption.  I got several suggestions but the one I liked best was "What?  I have to wait FIVE DAYS for Funny the World?"  It's nice to be loved.  I took my computer with me to Tom's to try to use his wifi, but could see that it wasn't a good idea, so I never ever tried.  My life became much calmer once I had resigned to just post these after I get home.

We came home around 11 p.m. and Walt and his sister went right off to bed.  I stayed up until 11 finishing my book (Nellie Bly's "10 Days in an Insane Asylum") and then went to sleep myself.
Soccer tomorow!

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