Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Streaming Video

I love streaming video.  You can be a proud parent and not embarrass your kid while doing it!

Jeri gives a yearly concert at Berklee.  It's apparently what you do at Berklee, if you want to.  This was a concert of original pieces, accompanied by piano. 

The concerts are streamed.  The last time she had something streamed, it was her class performing numbers from Chicago they had arranged in her class.  But it was a terrible disappointment because the reception was not good.  This time, however, it was perfect and we were able to watch the whole thing.

I don't know if you can read the top left corner, though.  It says "3 watching."  Two of them were Walt on his laptop and me on my desktop.  I don't know who the third person was, but it might have been Walt's sister, who also wanted to watch.  (oooo...it's now up to FIVE!)

After Jeri played her 3 pieces, accompanied by the pianist, they played a 3-movement piece that he wrote.

Then there was a piece a girl had written for trumpet and piano but decided it worked better for clarinet (I don't know how much it was revised for clarinet, but I sure couldn't imagine the trumpet playing it). 

Before the last number, Jeri explained how she happened to write it for her friend Sarah, who had had surgery and was bedridden and not supposed to move for several weeks.  She explained that she had asked Sarah to give her three words, the last of which was "gregarious" and how she had looked up the meaning for the word "gregarious" and how she came to write this piece, using all three words, ending with "gregarious."  It was a loving gift to Sarah.

All in all very nice concert lasting a little over an hour, and I didn't have to step over any parents to get good photos, thanks to streaming, "Print screen," and Photoshop!

[NOTE LATER--Found out my sister-in-law was watching on two different computers and her husband tuned in from work for a bit, so apparently all the watchers were in the Sykes family]

I went to Atria earlier in the day.  She was in the community room at a sing-along  She now greets me as if I am along lost relative whom she has not seen years.  She usually gives a gasp and then says "When did YOU get here?  I didn't know you were coming."  I think in that moment she thinks I'm one of her sisters, but as we talk she finally seems to know I'm her daughter (though at one point she asked me "What am I?  Your sister? your brother? your mother?"
She complimented me on the shirt I was wearing, which has a design with zebras on it.  When I pointed that out she looked confused and when I said they were horses with stripes, she told me I was the smart one and she didn't know about things like that.

She went to the bathroom while I was there and got lost coming out of the room, taking the wrong door and ending up in the hallway, barefoot.  One of the aides brought her back, surprised to find me there. My mother had already forgotten that I was waiting for her.

But I stayed an hour and, all things considered, it was a decent visit  It's been a long time since she's had either an anxiety attack or has fainted and I'm very pleased about that.

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