Thursday, April 10, 2014

The Flowers that Bloom in the Spring (Tra La)

It has taken its sweet time getting here, but it seems that spring is finally bursting forth around Davis.  I guess that little bit of rain we had for a couple of days last week really got things moving.

I was driving downtown and had to turn the car around to take a picture of this lovely yard full of poppies.

The house next door had its own special display.

(unfortunately you can't see it but there are lots of butterflies flitting
around in the blossoms of this bush)

Out on the highway there were hillsides full of poppies but I was never able to get any good shots of them, but I loved the yellow mustard and purple {whatevers} that I saw.

This used to be the time that I most loved driving to San Rafael to visit my mother because the hills were so incredibly green.  I haven't seen that green yet this year because I haven't driven in that direction. It seems like it come and goes so quickly.

Several years ago, my friend Barbara took me to an iris farm that is fairly near Davis. It was an absolutely gorgeous carpet of multi-colored irises.  Not as spectacular as a tulip field, but spectacular in its own right.
I wondered if the irises were blooming yet, and checked the web site, where I learned it is only going to be open one weekend this year, at the end of April. I'm debating about taking my mother.  I know she will be having back problems, but I know she would just love to see it all.  I think.

I'm going to have to give it some thought.  It would be my hope that seeing so much gorgeous color in nature might lift her spirit a bit.

It usually does mine.

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