Sunday, April 13, 2014

Grandma Days

At 8 a.m. we were back at the Little League field.

Today's game was against the Tundra Rattlers, who seem to be a better team than the one they played on Thursday.  There were the same cute moves, fouls, inattention, and all that had made Thursday's game so endearing, but somehow in the midst of it all, there was some actual playing that went on that showed a hint of understanding about the game.  Not much, but a HINT at least.

Bri got her share of hits, had her share of inattention.  It went something like this:

As in the first game, there was no scoring.  There were 11 players on one team and 9 on the other and everybody gets a chance to bat once in each of the three innings  When scoring becomes part of the process, I pity the scorekeeper!

While the game was going Lacie was running around being cute (some of the time)

When the game was over, Tom, Laurel and the girls went out for a little 8 mile jog.

Tom and Laurel are in training for an upcoming half marathon and figured this was a good time to get some miles in.  They packed plenty of drinks, snacks, and toys to keep the girls occupied during the hour and a half the run would take.

We were going to have another Family Movie night, but Tom forgot they had a benefit dinner to attend, so asked if we could watch the girls for 3 hours.  First time EVER that I have done any babysitting for either of the girls.  I figured we had videos, we had pizza, we outnumbered them 3-2 (Alice Nan was with us), and what could go wrong?

People pointed out that those were famous last words, but actually it was a delightful evening.  We watched Charlotte's Web

The girls ate their dinner.

And we had story time.  Alice Nan read to Lacie, and Bri and I finished her "chapter book," "Lassie Come Home," one of the books we gave her for her birthday.  Then it was time to brush teeth and get into bed.  Neither girl gave any argument and Bri let me lie down next to her and read a story to her before lights out.
It was a wonderful day and I feel like a grandma.


Mary Z said...

Love the book "Everyone Poops". I've not seen that one before.

Bev Sykes said...

not surprisingly, it is very popular!