Friday, April 11, 2014

Suits Me to a "T"

I've said it many times today but I'll say it again.  T-ball has got to be the cutest thing ever.

I don't think kids were playing T-ball when ours were of that age.  They played Little League for awhile, but I don't remember there being T-ball games.

Brianna is the shortest and cutest on her team, the Muck Dogs.  She's also the only girl.

Walt and I got to the field before she arrived and we managed to run into a kid from her team, whose mother told us where to find the game.  I wanted to giggle all the way to where we could sit down.  The sight of a whole bunch of little munchkins with uniforms, gloves and caps, throwing balls to each other was just so endearing.  I swear some of them only came up to my knees.

Eventually, Alice Nan, Bri & Lacie and their babysitter, Tom, and Walt with chairs all arrived.

Bri was going to be catcher for the first inning, so her coach helped her to get into her catcher gear.

There was a group huddle and pep talk before the game against the River Bandits started.

And then the game (all 3 innings) started.  Lacie wasn't much interested in the game, but amused herself taking selfies with her babysitter's cell phone.

When it was time for the Muck Dogs to bat, Bri put on her batting gloves.  She is the only one on the team with gloves.

They sat in a row until it was their turn to bat

Bri got a solid hit...

...ran to first base...

...and then made sure her gloves were still on right.

Her next time around, she was all ready for that run to second base.

Lacie was proving no baseball fan... Daddy did a little distracting.

I don't know if anybody knows who won (if anyone), but a good show of sportsmanship was displayed at the end of the game.

I am on cute overload tonight.

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