Thursday, June 13, 2013

Have a Cuppa

Today I finally used my Linde Lane Groupon and took my mother and my friend Pat to tea at the Linde Lane Teahouse.

We were three different decades:  I'm 70, Pat is 80 and my mother is >90. 

LindeLn2.jpg (49635 bytes)

I was a little disappointed this time around.  I thought my Groupon was for high tea, but it was just $10 off on the total bill.  Looking at the menu, both my mother and Pat decided they weren't really hungry.  But I ordered a "Royal Tea," which was soup, salad and then a tray of goodies for the three of us to share.

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They included three different kinds of sandwiches (1/4 each), open face cucumber sandwich, and a scone, and then a layer that was desserts.  I decided not to order the tray that included "savories."

What I ordered turned out to be just perfect for two old ladies who don't like to eat any more and me, the human garbage can.  I was disappointed that they couldn't find a way to help us share the one salad and soup that came with the order, but they did give us two extra plates so I could divide up the salad and we all just ate from the same soup bowl, which made me happy because the potato soup was delicious.

We shared a pot of Earl Gray tea and I made sure my mother had the cup with a shoe on it, since she's such a shoe freak.

LLCup.jpg (48776 bytes)

I decided that when Lacie and Brianna are older, Laurel and I have to take them to this place for tea, if we can schedule a time to do it.  The place was full of mothers and little kids, the little girls dressed in their finery (one even wore a crown), sharing tea in a grown up restaurant.  They all looked like they must have been between 5 and maybe 10, so maybe in 3-4 years we can try to take the girls there.  We could specifically request the table that is in a tea cup, which would really be fun for them.

There were three desserts, a lemon petit four, a cookie, and a chocolate cup.  When everyone hemmed and hawed about which they wanted, I decided that since I was paying for it, I would not be shy and would take the chocolate one.

LLChocCup.jpg (31394 bytes)

When our tea was finished and I paid the balance ($6.75...such a deal!), we spent some time wandering around in the gift shop, where they have hats worthy of a Royal Family wedding.  Sadly, they do not permit photos to be taken of people trying on hats, so I didn't do that, but I actually found a couple of hats that might fit me if (a) I wore hats, and (b) I wanted to pay $70+ for a hat I'd never wear.   Usually the "one size fits all" hats perch on my head and never actually fit the head.

My mother was ready for a nap by the time we returned to Davis, but I think she enjoyed herself. 

Tomorrow she will be on her own, since I'm having lunch in Sacramento, working at Logos for the afternoon, and reviewing a show tomorrow night.

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