Friday, June 29, 2012

Rolling in Money

I got a text from Walt after he went to the bank to pick up the foreign currency we were going to take on our trip.  We will be visiting 6 countries:   Germany, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, and Austria.  All except Hungary and the Czech Republic use the Euro.  The other two have their own currency.

"We have 26,000 forint," he texted.

forint.jpg (54793 bytes)

"Whee! Shopping spree!" I texted back.

Unfortunately this 10,000 forint bill is worth about $50.  Not really shopping spree material!

I did find out, though, in trying to scan the bill to post here that there is, built into the software, a warning that you can scan the bill, but you will not be able to print it.  I thought I could get around that by using a screen capture, but gosh darn it, when I pulled the screen capture up, I got the same warning. I did alter the bill, in case printing it on a blog was a federal or international offense or something (still leery after my negative McDonald experiences in Paris and Helsinki!).   I've blurred out the I.D. numbers and the date of issue and am assuming that you don't intend to blow the graphic up, print it, and try to get to Prague and spend it.   

The reason Walt had to text me about picking up our money was because I had gone to San Rafael for the day to have lunch with my mother.  It is the last opportunity I'll have to see her before we leave because we are going to Santa Barbara for a few days first and then home for a couple of days, and then off to Prague.  I can't believe it is so close.

It was a nice afternoon with my mother.  I think that reading Anne Morrow Lindbergh's book (which my mother doesn't remember hearing anything about now) had an effect on me that I didn't realize until I sat down to have the usual conversation that we have when we get together.  I just enjoyed the time with her, laughed at the same jokes, listened to every story as if it was the first time I was hearing it, answered questions several times, and didn't get sad about it, like I usually do.  This is her "now" and I am enjoying the "now" that she is living in.  It could be so much worse!

She said she hadn't felt like going to the store, so she decided that we'd go to the restaurant at the golf club, which is near her house.  It's a nice place and I like it.  As we were getting ready to go, she asked me where I wanted to go for lunch. 
The golf club is very nice and we each ordered crab melt sandwiches.

McInnis.jpg (62045 bytes)

They were delicious, but huge.  I have half of mine to have for lunch tomorrow. We continued our visit back at home after lunch, but I could see she was getting very sleepy, so I decided to go home early. She seemed relieved when I said I was going to leave.

I am starting to think that I'm not meant to take this trip   Both knees, though better, are still problematic; the heel on one foot would have developed a bister if I had had to walk more than 3 blocks to the bus yesterday; and now what I thought was a rash on my nether regions turns out to be a cyst the size of a jumbo olive, which I am soaking and, thank goodness it is starting to shrink...I don't want to think about sitting on one cheek for 12 hours in a plane!

Also, my computer is going haywire.  I'm taking it in to the guru before we leave to have him figure out why it is so much worse than it was when I brought it to him a couple of months ago.  I have to reboot 2-3 times a day and Firefox crashes regularly.

I am feeling like I'm walking around with a big cloud over my head and wondering if this is the right time to be getting on a plane to fly across the Atlantic!

But at least I have 26,000 forint!


Harriet said...

On my only extended (a week) vacation outside the U.S., I mostly used credit cards. I knew the exchange rate and could gauge whether or not I could afford something.

Cash was for cabs mostly. The darned pound coins were making my pockets sag.

poundheadhere said...

Enjoy your trip; things will smooth out in time for you to go, and you'll have a blast.