Monday, June 25, 2012

Let the Sunshine In

Apparently while we were stuck in traffic yesterday, trying to make it home from San Francisco, I was nominated for an award, by l'empress, who is a frequent commenter on this blog.  I am touched by her nomination. Thank you!

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I love it when bloggers award each other things like this because it shows that someone reads and appreciates what you try to do each day.  Of course, each award comes with its sets of rules...because the whole purpose of these is to inrease traffic to your blog.
These are the rules:

* Link the award to the person who gave it to me.

* Answer questions about myself.

* Nominate up to 10 bloggers for this award, and link my nominees to the post and comment on their blog, letting them know about the award.
I've accomplished the first requirement by linking to her blog in the first paragraph. 
Here are the questions I'm supposed to answer (kind of a mini meme!).
The Questions:

Favorite number:  7.  I don't know why and it has no significance whatsoever, but it's always been my favorite number.  (I should choose something more esoteric like 42 or 109 or something like that, but it's always been 7)

Favorite non-alcoholic drink: Water.  The colder the better.

Favorite animal: Favorite domestic animal is a dog; favorite wild animal is the elephant, whose society fascinates me.  I want to hang out with an elephant. 

Facebook or Twitter:  I've tried and tried to make Twitter relevant to my life, but I suspect it's better for those still in the work force who are "networking."  For me, Facebook works just fine.

My passion: Oh lord.  Which to choose?  I guess the one consistent passion throughout my life has been reading.  Others may come and go, or be unavailable for a period of time, but reading has sustained me throughout my life.

Favorite day of the week:  Wednesday.  That's the day I work in the book store.

Favorite flower:  I love yellow roses, and I love tulips.  I have never gone in for the exotic flowers.  Don't much like orchids, and gardenias remind me of funerals.

OK.  Now comes the place where I nominate 10 other bloggers for this award.  I follow a lot of blogs and read them through Google Reader, so I will just go to that list and choose the ones I read most, in no particular order. There are a couple I read that I would add to this list, but they are password protected (You Know Who You Are) and so I will not include them)

1.  Life on a Small Island is written by my real-time friend Sian, who lives on a small island in Orkney.   I love her tales of life on her island, her cat Button, her chickens and I do believe there is something somewhere about a lighthouse...
2. What if this is as good as it gets is by Kwizgiver, from whom I get most of the memes that I answer. I have a feeling that if we were ever to meet, we would get along very well, since we seem to have a lot in common.
3. Blogging from the Boonies is written by Michelle, who is one of the Compassion families I discovered when I first started sponsoring children with Compassion.  She is all heart and it inspires me to read her entries.
4. Life Philosophy 101 for the Squirrelly Senior Citizens is written by a guy who calls himself Jonathan Hemlock which may or may not be his real name.  He's married to "the French lady" and has an off the wall sense of the absurd that appeals to me.
5. I guess I have to mention Living in the Bonus Round, 'cause Steve would get his feelings hurt if I didn't. But I have to anyway because getting to know Steve changed my life, but don't tell him, OK?
6. Keeping with old folks, I need to add Nonagenarian Surfer, my new friend Bill ("Willy"), whose 98th birthday I just helped celebrate. Bill's blog is a bit different than most but is fun to read, and he is helped to publish it by...
7. ...Wilma of Wilma's Word, whose latest entry with pictures of her grandson is just adorable.
8. Though she doesn't write much any more, I always feel compelled to award one of these to Marn of Marn's Big Adventures, just for the joy she has given me over the years.  If it weren't for Marn, I wouldn't have a clue what a "hostia" is.
9. Jenconsin is Jennifer's blog.  Jen is dealing with more than most of us have to deal with, but she has the cutest son in the world...I've been watching her gorgeous photos of him since he was 2 or 3.
10. I'll end with Mary, another one I always include in things like this.  Mary is another face to face friend who writes a blog called Red Nose, because she used to be a clown, though now she seems to spend all of her spare time watching hockey, her passion.

Finally, as a PS, but no less significant, June 26th marks our 47th anniversary.   FORTY-seven years.  It seems so long.  We usually go out to dinner to celebrate, but since I have to review Grease on our anniversary, we decided to go out for breakfast instead.  There was some talk about crab eggs benedict, and I hope they are available on Tuesday and not just on the weekend. 


Harriet said...

Happy anniversary!

Mary Z said...

Happy Anniversary! and enjoy your crabs benedict. Yum!

jon said...

Thank you, Bev.
I enjoy your blog, as well. It is always interesting and well written. eclectic!!!

I enjoy Jenconsin, kwizgiver, L'Empress's blog also.
oh.....let's not forget indigo (winelush) who likes to know "answers".

Good bloggers...all!!!!