Monday, August 1, 2011


If there had been something soft next to me, I would have tossed it at the television tonight. Lynn and I had spent the day on Coronado Island and had come home and were relaxing before she took me to the airport. The news was on and the weatherman was giving a weather report. "We're going to have to put up with these sticky, sweltering temperatures for 3 more days," he said.

Do you know what the high in San Diego today was? 78! He's complaining that he has to "put up with" 78 degree weather and I'm flying home to 100 degree weather! We don't even have a low of 78 these days! Those folks in San Diego don't know what a good thing they have!

It was actually a gorgeous day. It was clear and sunny, warm, but with a constant breeze to cool you off. Just the perfect day for the beach. We weren't going to be beach per se, but we were going to Coronado Island, just over the bridge from San Diego.

SDBridge.jpg (69014 bytes)
(This is actually returning to San Diego, but I didn't
take pictures going--it looks the same in either direction!)

The main reason I was interested in going to Coronado was to see the 123 year old Del Coronado Hotel. If you've seen Some Like it Hot or Somewhere inTime, that delightful time travel romance starring Christopher Reeve and Jane Seymour, you have seen this beautiful old hotel.

SDBridal.jpg (203347 bytes)There was a historical display in the basement that was really kind of interesting to read through.

I loved that the 1915 "bridal suite" came with twin beds!

There was also a sweet story about one of the hotel's waitresses, who would take menus home for her kids to cut up and use as paper doll clothes.

And as for the choice of this hotel as a setting for Some Like it Hot, the hotel was in financial decline during the 1950s and when director Billy Wilder was looking for a location, he found out it would rent cheap! There was also a menu from 1963 with nothing on the menu (including crab) more than $2.50 and one of the dessert choices was "cling peaches in syrup."

Lynn had dressed in clothes a bit too warm for the day, so we stopped in one of the hotel's shops so she could try to find something more comfortable, including new shoes.

SDClothes.jpg (81343 bytes)
What the fat lady does when her tiny friend
shops in a skinny lady's store!

She bought a blouse and cooler pants, but still hadn't found shoes, but then we found the perfect stop for the two of us.

SDShoes.jpg  (145741 bytes)

She bought shoes and I bought a card with a photo that I absolutely loved on it.

SDNewShirt.jpg (135121 bytes)When we later stopped at a pizza restaurant for lunch, Lynn went to the ladies' room and came back transformed and cool in her new duds.

We walked back to the car and then drove around looking at houses on Coronado for awhile. All gorgeous, or course. Probably a little shack would run you >$1 mil. But nice to look.

We came back home to rest up and listen to the weather persons tell us how hot it was (I was sitting in the middle of the most lovely breeze at the time!). Then we finished our leftover meals from the last couple of days and finally packed me up in her car for the ride to the airport.

The flight home was uneventful and, though it was a completely full flight, I had a low number on Southwest, so I had no trouble getting a prime seat. Dogs were very happy to see me home again.

It was definitely a quick weekend, but so nice to have some time to spend with Lynn.


phonelady said...

So glad you enjoyed your trip and I loved that movie somewhere in time . Christopher Reeve was truly a super human being and so was his wife and they are truly missed in the acting world . Sad they were called home so young and I hope they R.I.P. .

jon said...

That weather man needs to be slapped. The temp was 95 here yesterday with a heat index of 110. It has been like that for a month. I am looking forward to September.

It was 78 degrees here this month. It was about 2 am in the morning and the humidity was 78 also.