Thursday, August 25, 2011

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Memories of Ned

1. How much back hair he had when he was born
2. Learning at an early age that if he thought he could jump from a certain height, he really could
3. How tender he always was with babies
4. Watching him smear pumpkin all over his belly
5. His first day at Yamaha, when he got to play the drum
6. How he took to springboard diving
7. The day he did a belly flop off the 3 meter tower, swam off the pain, and climbed the tower and did it again...without the belly flop
8. His winning the coach’s trophy that year
9. The Gumby costume he made
10. Every Lawsuit show for 10 years
11. How much I missed him the year he was in Brasil
12. The fabulous videos he's made for Brianna
13. Forty-four years of birthdays. Happy birthday, Ned!

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