Thursday, August 4, 2011

Thursday Thirteen

Things about my father

1. He was only 4 years older than I am now when he died
2. He was an avid, passionate jazz fan
3. He taught himself to play piano (and once even had a job as a bar pianist)
4. I loved when he played the piano because he was happy then
5. He wrote a song called "You Didn't Quite Know Me Yet," where he tried to rhyme "june" and "bloom."
6. He had very big hands and clumsy fingers and made a lot of mistakes when he played
7. He could be the funniest guy you ever met
8. He once tried to make peanut butter cookies, that we drank in a glass
9. He made the best calzone I ever tasted
10. He made a potato salad unlike any I’ve tasted since (I loved it)
11. His favorite piano player was Art Tatum
12. He read one book in his life, “Away All Boats.”
13. If he were alive today he would be diagnosed as bipolar and maybe on medication he might have been a nicer guy.

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Mary Z said...

Re your #1, I've now lived longer than both my parents and my sister. Got a ways to go to top my aunt who just died at 91. 8^)