Thursday, February 24, 2011

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen things I can see from where I sit at my desk.

1. A back scratcher
2. A Simpsons clock
3. a Gumby keychain
4. a clock from Australia
5. A portrait of me painted by my doctor-boss
6. A cobweb-covered calendar displaying July 1986
7. a paper apron made for me by a kindergarten class
8. a publicity photo of Judy Garland from “A Star is Born”
9. a canned wombat
10. a gargoyle sucking its thumb
11. Buttons from 3 gay pride events in Davis
12. A goddess statue
13. A cardinal beany baby

(To properly describe what is in my office, I will need 100 Thursday Thirteens....just to start)


jon said...

A canned wombat?

Kwizgiver said...

What a delightful collection! And I bet the stories that go with each item are very interesting!


Harriet said...

You should have been here a few years back. We have a friend who loves Judy Garland as much as you do. In a local bookstore that also sold memorabilia, I saw a four-foot cardboard stand-alone that must have been used in a movie theater.

I bought it for her birthday, and it still stands in her den.