Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Poor Polly

Something is wrong with Polly.

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She looks miserable and since I got up this morning she has hardly moved. She has not eaten, she moved from the recliner to the dog bed in the living room sometime around noon and then sometime in the afternoon moved from the big dog bed to the little dog bed which is behind the couch.

Mid-morning I got into the recliner with her in my lap and when I finally got up abouat an hour later, she kept moving onto my legs so I couldn't get up, as if she wanted me to stay with her. My arm was also very wet, and her fur was very wet. I don't know if she drooled or if she licked herself (I didn't feel her licking me).

Through the day I had many exchanges with Ashley and ultimately I tried to get her an appointment with the vet, who had no slots left for today, but who has a slot tomorrow morning. If she's not better tomorrow, I will take her.

This all started a couple of days ago. Polly leaps into my lap whenever I start to bend my knees, but suddenly she didn't seem to be able to get into my lap and I would have to pick her up.

That only lasted a day and by yesterday she was jumping into my lap (and Walt's lap) again.

She is VERY food oriented and food aware. She and the other two always sit at my feet when I have breakfast because if I'm having toast, I give each one of them a piece of toast. They all know that Sheila gets the first one, Lizzie gets the second one and Polly gets the third. They are very polite.

Yesterday during breafast, Polly didn't join the others. She sat in Walt's chair, peeked around and whined. She eventually jumped down and came to get her toast, but this morning she didn't even look interested. I took the toast to her in my chair and she sniffed at it and finally ate it, but without enthusiasm.

She always sleeps with me, whether in the recliner or on the couch. Last night I started in the recliner and she was having trouble finding a place to sleep and ultimately jumped down. When I went to the couch, she didn't jump up on me, but at some point I moved back to the recliner and in the morning she was in my lap, but it is unheard of for her not to sleep on top of me when I'm on the couch.

She is always immediately at my feet if she hears me putting on my shoes, because that means I'm going out and that means she'll get a treat. But today she didn't move from the bed, which was OK because I was only going outside into the driveway to take a picture of a rose which had amazingly decided to bloom in what is still pretty much the middle of winter.

She didn't look up when I left and she didn't look up when I returned.

So there's something wrong with this little girl, but I don't know what. If she were a child, I'd think she had the flu because she just kind of has that look about her...that "just go away and leave me alone" sort of look.

I'm hoping she will be back to her old self tomorrow, but if not, I'm hoping the vet can find out what's wrong with her. Of course, she will freak out having to be handled by a stranger, so that isn't going to help her either!

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