Sunday, February 6, 2011

Kathy Conner

Kathy Conner plays the oboe in the Lamplighters orchestra, which she has been doing for nearly 40 years. She also reads this journal from time to time, something she has NOT been doing for nearly 40 years. Whenever I see her, she asks if she will be in my next entry and adds that she wants to be famous. Here ya go, Kathy...

kathyc.jpg  (32695 bytes)

(Whew...thank goodness THAT's done!)

This wasn't intended to be an entry about Kathy, but the day was centered around a Lamplighters performance.

We left here around noon for the 2 p.m. show in San Francisco. Fortunately, Walt chose to listen to the non-stop radio traffic report on the drive down because from everything we heard, the freeway into San Francisco, as well as the Bay Bridge, was a huge mess, so we wisely decided to go the other way and enter SF via the Golden Gate Bridge instead, which turned out to be a good idea. (Kathy said it had taken her 45 minutes to get across the bridge, when it normally takes her about 10-15).

Besides, if you go on the Bay Bridge, you don't see sights like this.

RearBridge.jpg (41817 bytes)

Walt dropped me off while he went to park the car (because we were late and I move more slowly than he does). It was such a gorgeous day, with birds chirping everywhere and people lying on the grass in the park, and blossoms are starting to come out everywhere.

StPatBlossoms.jpg (63472 bytes)

(The church is St. Patrick's, which pre-dates the 1906 earthquake by over 50 years)

The show was Yeomen of the Guard, one of Gilbert & Sullivan's less well known works, but one which I love. It is also one of the more impressive looking shows. Put up a big impressive castle and then trot a whole bunch of these guys across the stage and you just want to go "oh wow!"

Yeo.png (424710  bytes)

This one does not have a happy ending and the performances got the requisite tears from me, which means it was a good production!

And the oboe was FABulous!

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