Saturday, February 19, 2011

Crab and Chocolate

I've been fetted in grand style. The plan was to go to San Rafael, pick up my mother and Peach, drive to Sausalito for a birthday lunch, and then come back to Davis again.

That was a nice plan, but by the time we got home to my mother's it was 4 p.m. and pouring rain. It didn't take much to convince me I should spend the night!

Our reservations at The Spinnaker were for 3 p.m. and it was a grey, drizzly day, but we could still see San Francisco and enjoyed the view by our window table. At one point there was a whole line of pelicans flying close the water for as far as the eye could see in any direction. The photo shows the middle section of it!

(Click on photo to see larger size.)

All three of us ordered the Dungeness Crab salad (of course).

Salad.jpg  (59955 bytes)

We ordered one dessert to share, some decadent chocolate thing that the waiter served to me with a candle in it, since Peach had told him it was my birthday.

Spinnaker.jpg (46983 bytes)

I really had planned on driving home, because I thought I had a show to review that night but when I found out that Bruce (the new editor) had assigned someone else to review the show, that's all the convincing I needed. It was dark and stormy and there was promise of birthday cake later, so why should I go home?

Peach gave me a card with 14 lotto scratchers in it. I warned her that I was not lucky and that I would probably lose, but I set to work scratching off the dots.

Rubbing.jpg  (50935 bytes)

I did have one winning card, and I won a whole $4.

tickets.jpg  (70829 bytes)

We played several games of 65, which my mother lost (not very happy about it), while we ate hors d'oeuvres they had picked up at Safeway--fruit and veggies in various dips, and something called a Champagne Cosmo, which Peach made.

By the time we were tired of cards, we introduced my mother to Harry's Law, which she seemed to like, and then they got out a chocolate cake they had bought for me. If I had gone home, as originally planned, I would have missed out on my own birthday party!

So I had a surprise birthday party after all. We just were sad that Kathy wasn't there, since this week was her birthday, too!

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