Saturday, February 26, 2011


I received an e-mail from Kim at the SPCA last night. "Can you please take Max for the weekend?" she asked.

I've been feeling guilty because I knew that she had been looking for foster homes for those chihuahuas for a long time and I finally decided that I would do it. It would only be for a weekend, right? And it would be fun to have a playmate Polly's size for a few days.

So I settled down to wait for Max, the chihuahua, to arrive.

Imagine my shock when I opened the door and saw our Max, Max the puppy I had bottle fed. Max the horse!

MaxBA.jpg  (53590 bytes)

He's grown just a tad from when he was a puppy not quite 2 lbs that fit in my hand, though he still thinks he's a lap dog. Walt weighed him--he's about 30 lbs now!

And whatever relationship, if any, that he once had with Polly has totally disappeared now that he's a bazillion times her size. There has been lots of teeth baring and growling and outright attacking (all on Polly's part; Max just ignores her). You can see her ears under my arm in my lap. She's snarling quietly.

In the short time that he's been gone, not only has Max grown a lot, but his voice has changed. No more little puppy yap. He now has a deep throated bark that sounds very scary if you don't know him.

Sadly, one thing about Max which has not changed is the size and/or consistency of his bowel movements.

MaxPoop.jpg  (92503 bytes)

They are large, and very, very soft.

He was always a happy puppy and continues to remain exuberant in his adolescent years, which may not always be a good thing, given how tall he is when he jumps up.

MaxMud.jpg  (32414 bytes)

It's nice to have Max come home again for a visit, but I'll sure be glad when Monday rolls around!

February 26 is Walt's birthday, if anybody wants to send him a happy birthday.


Mary Z said...

Happy Birthday, Walt! Hope it's a wonderful one.

Harriet said...

It's always funny when the yips turn into woofs. Especially when the former yipper turns around to find out, "who said that?"