Friday, July 14, 2017

Just Kinda Snuck Up on Us

My computer is back!  I don't know what happened, but suddenly there it was againI guess it just needed a long nap.
For the past 30 years, around this time we would be trying to figure out where we were going to get together to memorialize Gilbert on the anniversary of his death, July 14, 1986.  As I started to write this entry, I realized that the anniversary is today and nobody has mentioned it, not even when we were all together a couple of weeks ago, memorializing Orva Hoskinson.  

I suggested last year that perhaps 30 years is long enough to have this annual get together, with all of us aging and becoming more infirm and immobile.  Nobody wanted to agree to calling a halt to it, but nobody has contacted anybody about going ahead with it this year either, so I am going to assume that it was a lovely 30 year tradition that, inevitably, has come to an end.  We memorialized him far longer than any of us knew him in life.  Some of our group have died, at least one is housebound, and we are all getting older, some of us into our 80s and less interested in getting together. was very sweet while it lasted and I am happy that we did it, but all good things come to and end, and I think GRUB (Gala Re-interment of Uncle Buddy) has run its course.

Oh.   It's you!

It must be the year for it.  I drove past the little memorial that was built to a girl who was killed in Davis the weekend that David died in San Francisco.  It has been such a carefully tended site, with fresh flowers, and various loving additions, always clearing away the grass, etc.  It made me smile, sadly, whenever I drove past.  A couple of years ago they added a "ghost bike" (a white bicycle roadside memorial, placed where a cyclist has been killed or severely injured, usually by a motor vehicle).  But she and David were dead 20 years last year and I noticed today that the memorial is so overgrown you can't see it any more.  All good things come to an end.

I was passing by the memorial on my to and from Cindy's.  She was filling a cavity for me, and, as always, I enjoy my trip there, even when she is drilling holes in my head.  It never hurts and she and I always have a good time catching up.

This time, I have to admit I was a little shocked.  After we had compared notes on family and stuff, we talked a bit about the current mess in Washington.  As we discussed the absolute stupidity of Donald, Jr., it was obvious that her assistant didn't know what we were talking about and Cindy had to explain it to her.

This is why Trump is president.

And then there was the computer.  I was happy to have a laptop available to me, and dreading calling my guru today, because he always makes me feel stupid.

I turned the computer on this morning hoping to see something different, but it was the same thing.  I didn't turn it off, though.  I was doing a lot of stuff on my desk, so I just pushed the keyboard aside and continued what I was working on.

Then I looked up--and the log-in screen was back!!!  Cautiously, I logged in and everything was back to normal.  I think that when I logged off yesterday, it had a lot of updates to do and while I thought it wouldn't start, it was just working in the background doing all those updates.  I DID let it sit for over an hour last night, which was why I thought it was broken.

But it's back and I'm relieved.

While waiting the endless time it takes to do anything on the laptop, I was going to watch something on Netflix, perhaps an episode of House of Cards, but when I turned on to Netflix they were advertising the arrival of the movie Okja which I had never heard of, but which sounded intriguing.  It's a So. Korean film, but with Tilda Swenson and Jake Gyllenhaal and other English speaking actors.  So while I was getting yesterday's entry posted, I was also watching Okja, which is difficult to summarize, so I will just say it was a good film, moving in many spots, a strong message in others, and funny in spots as well.  And absolutely amazing CGI!!!

Look it up in IMDB.

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