Thursday, July 27, 2017

In MY Day

We went to the memorial Mass for our friend Howard Hupe yesterday.  I don't remember the last time I went to Mass, so I wasn't aware that the air conditioning in the church had broken down and Mass was temporarily being held in the school gymnasium.

We filed in past the coffin and the widow and I gave her a big hug.  She is such a sweetheart and such a good actress she said she was concentrating on keeping her emotions in check and, in truth, though there were lots of tears on a lots of people, I did not see her cry, though she looked as though her life had been shattered.

Her three children gave wonderful eulogies about their father.

When I first entered the gymnasium, I was fighting tears.  But I didn't want to lose it so I spent a good part of the Mass looking at the people around me in the huge crowd and not concentrating on the Mass.  Bad me, but as I looked around at the women I realized how some fashion has changed significantly from when I was a young woman.

The first thing that got me to thinking such un-religious thoughts was seeing several woman with the now seemingly ubiquitous cut-out sleeves.

You see cut-out sleeves like this everywhere thee days. (I won't discuss the waist size of these women which is about the size of my upper arm)

That got me thinking about the first Oscar broadcast where I saw someone wearing a gown with the off the shoulder look.  Now it's everywhere.  In fact it's unusual to see someone wearing a dress with two sleeves.
I'm sure high heels have been around forever, but I see them everywhere now.  I don't understand how anybody can walk in those things.  My feet hurt if I try to walk in anything as tall as an inch.
It seems that more and more shoes have some version of these multi straps.  Some are as fancy as boots with straps all the way up the thigh.  I don't remember when I started seeing them, but now they are everywhere.
Not being a fashionista, I am unaware when styles change and I just suddenly realize that sweat pants, t-shirt and Birkinstocks aren't exactly trendy.

The other thought I had to keep myself from crying during the lovely Mass was wondering when they started ordaining Doogie Howsers.  

But I didn't cry.  Much.

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