Tuesday, July 26, 2016


Sound the trumpets!

Believe it or not, the living room is clean and I emptied the last box in my office today.  Not only that, I still have a few little niches where things can be put if I need to.

The task is finished!!!

This is not to say that my work is done.  There are huge jobs I put off in the interest of just getting everything put back in place again.

One is going through the hundreds of CDs, many of which are computer programs no longer able to be run on current computer platforms, or programs I will never use again.  I've thrown away a lot, but I need to do more.  It's a job I put off until I got everything else done.

Biggest, though, is a humongous collection of photos that now sit in 3 very full boxes on the top shelf above my desk.

When I got my first camera, at age 10, what I told myself is that I wanted to "make memories." I've spent my entire life living up to that goal...and now, at 73 (63 years after I made the promise to myself), I am wondering if that was such a good idea!  I have memories up the yin yang and those boxes are just the ones that aren't already in scrapbooks.

(These are just a few of the scrapbooks....most of them are upstairs.  I smile when I realize that my mother has ONE "making memories" scrapbook, which starts in about 1939 (before she and my father were married), and ends with pictures of me at about age 7, in 1950.)

The top shelf is all the slides we found...I'm not even going to THINK about those for years.  The bottom shelf is many (but not all) of the CDs.

So the work doesn't really stop, but I now have a working office and am able to start doing all the stuff I have put off (answering letters, for one) while I was trying to get things organized.

It was a quiet day and I spent it getting caught up on "office stuff" (acknowledging things I'd received in the mail, writing to some of the Compassion kids, doing a bit on a couple of pocket letters).  It was nice to have nothing to do, especially since it was about 103 outside.  I could have brought my mother's laundry to her, but  I took the day of, knowing it wasn't yet a dire situation.

I made an appointment to talk about her new quirks and options within the Atria system with the resident services director for Thursday morning at 10:30.  By the time our meeting is over, my mother should be awake and we can have lunch together before I go to Logos.

Today Char is coming for lunch, to see this marvel that is my office (and to get away from her apartmentment, where they are turning the water off from 8 to 1 today)

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