Sunday, July 3, 2016

Sunday Stealing

We Found this gem from a blogger named Erik Rubright who lives in Pea Ridge, Arkansas. The blog’s name is “Gambrinous with Griffonage” which he explains translates to “full of beer with bad handwriting”. It was written over seven years ago, so we had to update a few questions. Erik states that he stole it from the blog  “The Melancholy Diary of a Cynic” who undoubtedly ripped it off another blog. But that’s as far as we will go. You’ve probably already stopped reading this and started the meme.

1. Would you try a recreation drug if all were legalized?
No.  I'm too old, and have too addictive a personaity.  I'd be terrified that I'd like it too much.  I don't even drink liquor much any more.

2. Are you happy that the U.S. Supreme Court once again upheld a woman’s right to abortion?
God, yes!  My word, Roe v. Wade was settled in 1973 and we are STILL fighting for a woman to have the right to make her own choices about her own body, with the help of her doctor.  I don't imagne that this will settle things...there will still be "right to lifers" willing to KILL over it, I fear.

3. Would our country cope any differently with a woman president?
Let's hope we get the chance to find out.  I can't imagine that the US would fare any different from the other countries run by women (like German, for example).  I suspect that the country would cope quite differently if the current Republican candidate were to be elected

4. Do you believe in the death penalty?
No.  I think life in prison without the possibility of parole would be much worse...and it's much cheaper too.

5. Do you wish marijuana would be legalized already?
Well, medicinal marijuana is legal here in California, and I'm happy about that.  Not for myself, but for those whose suffering can be eased by marijuana.

6. Do you believe in God?
I believe in something, but not an old man sitting on a throne with a long beard amd a bird flying over is head.

7. How do you feel now that same-sex marriage is legalized?
Thrilled.  I was tired of making wedding cakes every time my friends got married (I think they were married in Canada and in Massachusetts and when it was temporarily legal here in California...and finally legal for good).  It's about time gay people get the same rights (and duties) as straight people.

8. Do you think it’s wrong that so many Hispanics are moving to the USA?
This is a country built on the work of immigrants.  Immigrants are a huge part of the economy in California.  I wish it were easier for them to either immigrate, or have temporary visas to work here.  They say they are stealing the jobs that American want...but I have yet to find a bunch of Americans wanting to do the backbreaking field work that many people I see from Mexico do here.

9. A 12-year-old girl has a baby… should she keep it?
That's entirely up to her and her parents.  It's not my place to offer an opinion without knowing all the circumstances of the case....but I sincerely hope she has a lot of support no matter what decision she makes.

10. Should the alcohol age be lowered to 18?
This a toughy.  I would like to say no because of young people who would not drink responsibly but if we are asking young men of 18 to go and die for our country, they should have the right to drink, if they choose.

11. Should the wars in the Middle East be called off?
That's entirely too complicated a question for me to answer.  If it were as simple as just withdrawing troops and letting them fight it out themselves, I'd say definitely yes, but there are too many other factors that enter into it.

12. Do you believe in spanking your children?
Heck no!  They are all bigger and stronger than I am!  I'd look pretty silly trying to spank my 50 year old daughter.

13. A mother is declared innocent after murdering her 5 children in a temporary insanity case… what do you think?
Again, not enough information about what her defense is.  It's easy to make snap judgments, it's more difficult to take the time to examine all the evidence.

14. Would you want to prosecute someone for burning their country’s flag as a method of protest?
I never have understood that.  The way to legally get rid of a flag that has gotten old is to burn it.  How is that different than burning it in protest? 

15. It’s between you and a person who is being kept alive (with NO hope) by life support machines… one has to die? Who?
This is a crazy question.  What is the condition of the person on life support?  Is s/he comatose, vegetative state, have a DNR, etc. Why does one of us need to die in the first place?  Who is going to kill us?  For what reason?

16. Are you afraid others will judge you from reading some of your answers?
I'm 73 years old.  I gave up caring about what people think of my opinions long ago.

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June Calender said...

Three cheers for totally intelligent, well thought out, well worded answers.

I have only the smallest and least significant differences of opinion.