Thursday, July 21, 2016

Little Treasures

Well, there's no doubting that this is my office now.  Every flat surface is covered with stacks of "stuff."  This is not a return to normal so much as it is a "trying to get organized" sort of thing.  I have now sorted through and stored all of the books I am keeping so what is left are boxes of "stuff" that in the old office was just stacked randomly.  I am going through each box, piece by piece, and trying to sort through what I'm keeping (and where to keep it)

Now it could be said that if I haven't gone through this stuff for many years, I should just toss it all, sight unseen.  But then I would miss gems like this:

The story behind this is that a kid told his parents that Ned made him give him his lunch and the parents reported him to the police for "extortion."  The real story was that the two boys had made a bet on the definition of a German word.  Ned won and the price was the other kid's lunch (or maybe part of his lunch).  When the police finally met Ned and got his side of the story, they could see that he was no bully.  Later, I felt so sorry for the other kid because his mother made him call me and apologize and all the while he was on the phone (very reluctantly) his mother was in the background screaming at him to tell me he was sorry.  Then she got on the phone and talked to me for half an hour about the frustrations of raising a kid in this day and age (they were in sixth grade, I think) with all the sex around.  She ultimately took him out of public school and put him a Christian school.  I have often wondered how that poor boy turned out!

I had the "day off" yesterday.  My mother's stepson let me know he was going to have lunch with her, so I didn't feel guilty for not going to Atria.  I had nowhere to go, so I stayed home and emptied box after box

The dining room which was completely filled with boxes, the table heaped with boxes, now has an open space...and the box on the right is one of the boxes of things to go to the SPCA thrift store.

I found a bunch of things I had written, apparently for a class?  I had completely forgotten them, but they were written before I started FTW.  One I would like to condense for an entry here some day starts "It was not the sort of day I suspected would change my life..."  Now aren't you intrigued?

Earlier this week I worked a shift at the hospital.  Sometimes I just marvel at the attitude of people.  A girl came in and said "where can I get a doctor's appointment?"  I asked her what she needed an appointment for and asked if she had a doctor.  She said this was her first time here and she needed to get birth control.  I told her that we didn't have doctors seeing patients for routine exams in the hospital, but gave her directions to Women's Health (which I used to manage).

Then a woman came in to borrow a wheelchair so that her 90 year old grandmother could go upstairs to see her 70 year old son, who was in the ICU.  This is not unusual, but what was unusual was that at 4:15, when I needed to start packing up, I needed to get the wheelchair back, but grandma was still sitting in it up in the ICU.  I went and found another wheelchair and took it up to ICU and they transferred her, with MUCH difficulty but I was able to get "our" wheelchair back and get it put away before I left for the night.

Not much organizing is going to get done today since I work at Logos (and will go to Atria first), but I hope to get through some of the stacks of stuff.  Problem is that our garbage pickup is not until Tuesday and our "paper recycling" can is already almost filled.

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