Wednesday, July 16, 2014

New Tips and Tricks

I love it when I find something new on the internet that I never knew before.  For example, who knew that I'd been shucking corn wrong all these years.

I saw this video on Facebook, I think, and didn't believe it could possibly be so easy...but it is.  I followed the directions and it's a clean ear of corn every single time, without so much as a strand of silk attached to it. 
This has literally changed my life.  Well, my corn-cooking life anyway.

Another trick I learned last night is how to make banana muffins with only two ingredients.  You mash 4 very ripe bananas in a bowl, add a box of white or yellow cake mix, mix together, and bake 15-20 minutes (at 350) and voila!

17.jpg (92511 bytes)
I rarely have cake mix in the house, but apparently I had one box left over from some project awhile ago, so I was able to try this this morning and they are delicious, more moist than what I usually bake.  I'm not likely to go out and stock up on cake mix just in case I have 4 overripe bananas some day, but if you do, try'll be pleasantly surprised.
I skipped my dementia group today because I had promised my mother I would come to lunch at Atria (I would have to leave the meeting an hour early).  An OK lunch.  I wish I'd thought of something exciting to do this afternoon so I would have had an answer for me when she asked me a dozen times what exciting I was going to do.  
Things are looking up for the building.  They have been remodeling the front for a couple of months now, but it's all been walled off.  Today I was able to peek through a hole they left for the workers to get in and out.   Without carpet and furniture it's difficult to imagine what the finished project will be, but it was nice to at least get a peek.
There is a new manager at the place and there is a reception for him from 4 to 6 tomorrow night, but I will be at Logos, so won't have a chance to go and meet him, unfortunately.  Of course my mother won't go.  That's a given. Socialize?   Don't be ridiculous!


Mary Z said...

Thanks for the corn-shucking tip. I'll give it a try.

Bev Sykes said...

Oh do! I really DOES work!