Thursday, October 29, 2009

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Names I've given foster dogs (or groups of dogs)

1. Higgins, Eliza and Freddie (the My Fair Lady puppies)
2. Chunk (who was "Daisy" until she gained so much weight)
3. Tater & Tot (because when they arrived they looked like little potatoes)
4. Jed, Toby and Leo (the West Wing puppies)
5. Dexter (because he has a skin condition called Demodex)
6. Panda, Blue, Golde and Pinkie (the "Rainbow puppies"--they were all black and white)
7. Half Pint
8. Dakota (because he was found by a guy driving a Dakota)
9. Rupert (named for a fellow vlogger)
10. Google
11. Bissell (named for the steam cleaner I'd just purchased)
12. Gizmo (because he looked like a Gremlin)
13. Poochini and his sister Tosca

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kathi said...

I love the story/description behind the names! My show prospects all had to have registered names beginning with the litter letter, so no exciting stories there.

:: mingling ::