Saturday, October 10, 2009

Counting Down the Days

Look! Look!

DexterFur.jpg (64547 bytes)

It's fur!!! It's real fur!!!!! I was running my hands along Dexter's back last night and realized I was no longer feeling scabs, but stubble. In the one spot on his body where he had a hint of fur when we first got him, there is actual visible FUR growing. Of course I needed a close up lens to take this picture, but he's really finally starting to grow fur! When I give him his medicine each day I say what my father used to say to me, "It will put hair on your chest." Only in his case, it actually does.

As for the other guys, the are just getting bigger and bigger, especially Higgins, who is almost too heavy to pick up these days.

BigHig.jpg (68723 bytes)

I wrote to Ashley last night to find out how soon they would be going up for adoption. As I told her, it's not that I'm eager to be rid of them, but I knew that the time was fast approaching.

Faster approaching than I realized. The boys are now listed on Petfinder and will make their first trip to Petco on Saturday. Eliza will go up on Petfinder next week and go to Petco next Saturday.

There is, of course, no guarantee that they will be adopted right away. After all,there are a dozen of these cuties looking for homes, but naturally I think I have the cutest of them :) so am sure everyone will instantly fall in love with them before their siblings.

In the meantime, I continue to be "Mom" to these little guys. Wherever I am, they are.

AtMyFeet.jpg (69391 bytes)

When I come in here to my office to work while they are off sleeping somewhere, pretty soon, one will stagger in and flop down at my feet, then another, then another, until all four are here. When I get up quietly and move to another room, I begin to hear whimpering and pretty soon the four start straggling out of my office, looking still half asleep, and looking for me.

Dexter must be in my lap at all times, if I'm sitting down or not. Eliza is the next most demanding, with Freddie third. Higgins is pretty much a loner, though once in awhile he, too, demands his turn in my lap--but it doesn't last long. For one reason he's just too darn big.

Dexter will be here for a long time yet, waiting for his fur to grow out far enough to have him start looking like a real dog, but I suspect that I am spending my last days with the My Fair Lady puppies. This has been a real sweet group of puppies and once again, I am so glad that we have been a part of their lives.

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