Monday, October 12, 2009

...And a Good Time was Had by All

The Ice Cream social was a great success.

I had things mostly set up by about 1:30.

MeParty.jpg (78588 bytes)

(Note the puppies in the pen at the left)

Then it was just a question of waiting for the folks to arrive. Ashley arrived early so she could give Eliza her vaccinations and she took the "down" time to give Dexter a manicure.

AshClip.jpg (54633 bytes)

The first neighborhood guy arrived right on the dot at 2 p.m. (he was also the last to leave--and had four different cups of ice cream!). He brought a bowl of sliced strawberries and a container of hot fudge sauce. Yum! Then others started straggling in.

Group1.jpg (76976 bytes)

Even the Don Saylor, Davis's Mayor Pro Tem showed up, and had a chat with Ned, who also came, with Marta.

Saylor.jpg (49878 bytes)

Don also took this picture to post to Facebook, along with all the photos he took at all the other neighborhood parties he attended, from ours at 2 p.m. until after dark.

DonsPic.jpg (68796 bytes)

The puppies were a big hit.

PupsSocial.jpg (76056 bytes)

This little girl in particular loved all the puppies, but especially loved Dexter (who was more her size than the others)

GirlDexter.jpg (54787 bytes)

At the height, we may have had about 20 people, which was about double the number who came last year.

Group2.jpg (70940 bytes)

I ran out of vanilla ice cream, but had plenty of chocolate, strawberry and blackberry left over at the end of the day. I feel very good about how it all went and think that we went out on a real high.



It looks like a lot of fun. I would like to know some of my neighbors better.

THE BLUEST BUTTERFLY said... the way I am mingling. :-)