Thursday, October 15, 2009

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen things I can touch from where I'm sitting

1. A goddess statue
2. A stack of CDs
3. A sticker from the Human Rights Campaign
4. My coffee cup
5. A box of Ziplock bags
6. My godmother's honeymoon diary (written in 1923)
7. A postcard of an Emu
8. A labeler
9. My blood glucose meter
10. An empty Tupperware container
11. A stack of PhotoShop tutorials
12. A rhyming dictionary
13. A whining puppy


Governor Jen said...

The goddess statue and Emu postcard need some additional explanation!

I love the honeymoon diary! My husband wrote one on ours. While only 8 years ago, that inspires me to pull it out.

Alice Audrey said...

Which goddess does the statue depict?

Bev Sykes said...

The emu card was sent from Australia.

The goddess is the goddess of Willendorf. A sculptor gave me a little statue she'd made.

Angel said...

Wow a goddess statue and a honeymoon diary that's so sweet!
Just for giggles your emu card was sent from Australia and my word verification is Aussie!

jon said...

Thursday thirteen:
*which goddess?
*who's on your favorite CD. G & S?
*no bumper stickers for me.

*Bring it to the sink and rinse. Use the ziplock bags to put coffee grounds in
*Grandma's honeymoon diary? I bet that was interesting.

*Emu's? funny looking birds.

*labeling what? nothing? put it back.

*glucose meter. reading...108?

*put tupperwear back.

*Photoshop...I like layers and panoramas. I must buy a new edition for my mac.

*rhyme orange and purple.

*Call Cesar Milan!!!!

Your day is now officially organized.

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