Sunday, October 25, 2009

Feelin' Good

I found a new (to me) web site yesterday. It's actually on the page for some health product (Sam-E). I'm not in the least interested in some kind of supplement, but part of the site is something called the "feel good blog," which seems to be a bunch of entries about uplifting things. In this day and age we can all stand to be uplifted, or to be reminded of how many really good things there are around us.

One of the first entries I read was "Lisa's List of 50 feel-good things," prompted by a blog called 1000 Awesome things (which I really like!). The latter blog is one entry a day about something awesome...which I may try doing some day, but not today. In the meantime, however, I decided to think about 50 things that make me feel good. What makes YOU feel good?

1. Puppy breath

2. Snuggling under a blanket in the recliner, especially on a cold day when it’s storming outside, and watching a really good movie (preferably a tear-jerker!)

3. A phone call from a friend who "just called to chat."

4. Having my PhotoShop project work out just right...or better than I expected.

5. Finishing a writing project and feeling good about the results, knowing I've said just exactly what I wanted to say.

6. Going on a long trip by myself and listening to an audio book.

7. A tall, very cold glass of water.

8. An NCIS marathon on a day when I’m all alone in the house.

9. Finding a parking place close to my destination in San Francisco. (Thank you, Gilbert!)

10. Finding what I think is the perfect Christmas gift for someone, then watching them open it and realizing that I'd chosen right.

11. Cousins Day

12. An unexpected call from any of my children, just to say hello.

13. A new batch of puppies to bottle feed.

14. Trying a new recipe that comes out great.

15. Having someone else clean up the kitchen.

16. Fur-lined slippers on a cold day.

17. Eight hours of (almost) uninterrupted sleep

18. Conducting an interview and not stumbling over my words and actually asking intelligent questions.

19. The sound of a pipe organ in a cavernous church

20. The smell of the ocean, with a sea breeze in my face.

21. A visit with Brianna

22. A thick, fluffy towel that actually wraps all the way around me.

23. Going out to dinner

24. Getting giddy with a friend over nothing in particular

25. Freshly squeezed orange juice

26. Fall color

27. An almond orchard all in bloom

28. Beautiful choral music

29. Bagpipes!

30. The end of a dental appointment when they tell me everything's fine.

31. Running into someone who tells me they've actually read something I've written in the paper and agreed with my opinion of the show I was writing about, or came to see a show because they read what I'd written about it before hand.

32. An interesting conversation that goes on late into the night.

33. The smell of brewing coffee or baking bread

34. A box of See's candy.

35. John Denver

36. A great rainstorm (that doesn't harm anybody)

37. A beautiful sunset, the kind that turns the whole sky red and makes you wish you had remembered to bring your camera along.

38. Making a wish on the first star...and having it come true.

39. A good book.

40. Seeing a movie on the big screen in the theatre.

41. Getting a letter from one of my Compassion-sponsored kids

42. A field of sunflowers

43. Home grown tomatoes

44. Any field or orchard-ripened fruit (especially strawberries)

45. Watching sea lions cavort on the beach or on the piers at Fisherman's Wharf

46. Standing on any tall point in San Francisco and looking at the view

47. The smell of the pages of a magazine when you open it for the first time.

48. A clear, crisp spring day where the temperatures are in the mid 70s, with fluffy clouds in the sky and no pollution in the air.

49. Still-warm donuts

50. Watching my kids do anything that makes my heart swell with pride.

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