Wednesday, March 7, 2018

So Big!

Hey, did you know that something shocking happened on The Bachelor this week?  Since I have never watched the show it is amazing to me how much coverage, on talk shows and news shows this episode has received.  Thirty minutes yesterday and today they are covering it on Live with Kelly & Ryan.  Walt saw it on the nightly news.  Something about Arie and Lauren (I just learned)  We can't make guns safe, but we sure can dissect a stupid program like The Bachelor.  Our brains have been turned to mush.

Hey, look at this:

This is a Paesano's "Stromboli" and it's what I ordered for lunch at Paesano's when I went there with my friend Kathy yesterday.  It's slices of steak mixed with mushrooms, onions and cheese in a wine sauce.  Doesn't that sound yummy?  It was!

But my first reaction when they put this in front of me was that it was the size of the torso of a newborn baby.  The thing was huge.

There was a day when I would wolf the whole thing down, but I took this photo and sent it to Walt to let him know what I would be bringing half of home so he could have it for lunch.

I am remembering the days when Walt's mother used to complain whenever we went out to have a meal, angry that they gave her so much to eat. I am beginning to understand.

I saw a commercial for a Subway sandwich the other day and remembered when I was a kid, shopping in downtown San Francisco.  I took the cable car home, because it ran so close to my house and...well...because it was fun.  I caught it at the end of the line, where there was a Woolworth's by the cable car turn-around at Powell and Market.  Inside Woolworths was a food counter that made the very best subs I have ever had.  I've never tasted anything quite so good since then.  But when I looked at the Subway commercial, all I could think of was "there is no way I could eat that whole thing," though I had no problems when I was a teenager.

This is the turn-around in 1954 and the shop on the
right is Woolworth's.  (Note that people are climbing on
the cable car every which you have to queue.  No fun!)

Another commercial that I always liked was the one for Outback Steak House.  Now I look at the big plates of steak and lobster (the lobster doesn't do anything for me, but in its time they also have pictures of crab) and all I can think of is how the plates are so big there is no way I could finish the whole serving.

I always loved our rare visits to a prime rib restaurant where you got a big slab of prime rib with delicious horseradish and a big loaded baked potato with sour cream, cheese, and bacon.  Now I shudder thinking of how much food I would pack up to take home.

We've been using Blue Apron and now Home Chef for dinners 3 days a week.  There are generous portions and it's the rare dinner where I am able to eat the whole thing.  It used to be that it was because I snacked so much during the day, but even on days where I rarely have anything for a snack, I just can't finish the meal. 

I wish I could say that the reduction in my appetite has resulted in a reduction in my weight, but alas my weight has stayed the same for at least 10 years.

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