Friday, March 9, 2018

A Rising Crisis

For dinner we had barbequed spare ribs and curly fries.  I watched the Pioneer Woman make curly fries using her spiralizer and it looked so easy I decided to try it.

First, I could not find the blade I had used the first time (the spiralizer comes with five blades) and so I used a different one which gave me a long spiral which was about 1/2 in width and flat.  Then I tried the only other blade I could find and it gave me more real looking spirals, but they were about 1/16" thick and it was worse than trying to deep fry Angel Hair pasta.

But the potato flavor was there (and this morning Walt found the other 3 blades, so I will try again).
The reason for mentioning this is that I had to heat a deep pan of oil to cook them and when I was finished -- what do you do with all that oil?  So I decided to make donuts.  Now, I've been wanting to make apple cider donuts since we went to Apple Hill and I found a good recipe.  I even bought the proper donut pans to bake them in.  But those are baked and I wanted to make yeasty fried donuts.

I set the alarm to get up at 5, but when 4:45 rolled around I decided I could wait until 6.  At 6 I got up and got my bread maker out (I had to put it away ever since the Instant Pot arrived) and got all of the ingredients except the yeast in the pot.  Then I went to the fridge and looked for the yeast.  No yeast.  I could have sworn I bought yeast, but I guess not.  So by 6:30, I was at the store buying yeast. 
Got that added to the bread maker and then noticed an unopened jar of yeast on the counter, where I'd put it after I bought it a few weeks ago.  Now I'm definitely set up for yeast!

Something was wrong with the bread maker.  I could get it to turn on, but not to set for the "dough" cycle, so I set the timer on the stove to remember to remove it before it started baking.

In spite of everything, they turned out fine and I decided to just make sugar donuts since glaze is too sweet for me these days.  I was a little heavy handed on the sugar on some of the donuts but they were delicious.

In the late morning I went off to Cindy's office to get a small cavity filled.  I actually like it when I 
have dental work to be done because then Cindy and I have an hour to chat, which we don't have when the hygienist cleans my teeth.  We had a nice visit and I'm all filled up for the next four months.
In the evening we were going to see Book of Mormon but we stopped at DeVere's pub in downtown Davis first.  Our friend Nancianne was having her head shaved for the seventh year in a row to raise money for children's cancer research.

All three of these women were having their heads shaved for the 7th year and there was a short ceremony thanking them for their donations, making them "Knights of the Bald Table."

a bit of fluff...
When that was done off we went to Sacramento for another uproarious production of Book of Mormon.  We were home to have Jeopardy and ice cream.  I realized that the only things I'd eaten all day were donuts and ice cream!

These mid-week openings are hell for me because it means the review must be in the newspaper mailbox first thing in the morning, so I will be up until 2:30 or 3 finishing it.

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