Thursday, March 8, 2018


Last Wednesday, I ran into Alice, my mother's Alzheimer's buddy, when I was at Atria.  She's such a pleasant young woman.  She was the one who painted my mother's fingernails blue.

She suggested that I bring in a family scrapbook so she would have something to go over with her.  I decided to put a bunch of pictures on Snapfish and spent the day working on such a book.  I used to make a lot of books since I got a special deal for life from Snapfish, but then they didn't mean anything to my mother any more, so I stopped making them. I hadn't made one since 2015.

It's easy to do, the results are very nice (mine won't be as nice as many because so many of my photos were low resolution--but that really didn't matter.  That's not why I was making the book), but I'd forgotten how time consuming it is.  There's finding the photos, and either copying them or scanning them.  Then uploading them to Snapfish, deciding the layout and then realizing that you didn't have nearly as many as you thought you would, so looking for more picture two or three different times.  The whole thing is 20 pages long.

I tried to get photos from her younger days and to include photos of her family, which is one of the most important things for her.   

Plus, I wanted to remind her that she was a mother and a grandmother.  In the upper left corner is her step family, plus me, and the black and white picture was taken when m sister was a baby.

Of course I had to do a salute to cousins day.  I don't know if she remembers...

I loved the dog lover page.  

I made a 2-page spread about the ranch where she spent her youngest years, and the home in Inverness where my grandparents lived.

And I found the perfect photo to end it with.

I could have gone through a lot more places where I have photos and gotten better photos that would not be low resolution, but I wanted to get this sent off so maybe it will be back by the time Alice comes next week.  In any event, I don't know if she will really appreciate it, but you gotta keep trying!

My grandparents' wedding photo
(Ironically, my entry on this date last year was titled "I Miss 65" and was about missing our Cousins Day card games)

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