Thursday, March 22, 2018

A Day with Grandma

I didn't go to Atria today, but Jeri and Alice Nan did.  Reports are that they had a great time and laughed a lot.  And, of course, they took the traditional "Grandma and Jeri" photo.

There was also a Grandma and Alice Nan photo.

And the best photo of all from their visit.  

I love that photo.  I haven't seen that grandma in months.  Jeri should be here all the time.

They were gone a long time and when they got back here. Polly got right up on Jeri's lap again.  She took some terrific photos.  This is my favorite:

(I'm going to get a 5x7 and then have it framed!)

Alice Nan left to return to Norm's house, Walt went off to visit with his friend, whom he and two others visit twice a month so the wife can go to a meeting with some other women, since she doesn't like to leave him home alone.  Jeri and I watched the Mister Rogers special that I recorded a bit ago.

After he returned, we had a quiet dinner and then Jeri worked on a project, Walt read the paper, and I sat in the family room in case anybody wanted to chat.  Just a nice homey family evening together.

Finally Walt and Jeri headed off to bed and I watched a little more TV, with closed captioning on, and now am headed to sleep myself.

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