Friday, February 9, 2018

We Got It Done

There was paperwork to be signed.  Probably the last bit of paperwork my mother will have to sign in her life, but she did have to sign it and her signature needed to be witnessed so we met at Atria today with Ed, her stepson, and a notary.

Her latest obsession seems to be bits of microscopic "stuff" on the floor.  Every time I see her, she is bent over at a 90⁰ angle trying to pick up a thread or a bit of dust.  They guesstimate that's how she fell and broke her wrist.  Her balance is getting bad and bending over that far is possibly how she lost it and fell.  When she sits in a chair, she is always looking at the newly vacuumed floor and finding tiny bits that most people wouldn't even notice and picking it up.

Today she was also very bothered that there was no quilt on her bed.  They had obviously stripped it to wash but she couldn't process that.  All she knew was that there should be something blue on the bed and it wasn't there.

And her glasses were gone again, but based on how I found them last time, I looked on the floor next to her chair and there they were, barely visible behind the bed, but at least I found them.
So Walt and I sat there and visited with her until Ed arrived.  My mother has always needed a man in her life to dote on, the be flirtatious with.  She never has with Walt, for some reason, but she gets coquettish when Ed is around.

We talked with him about the notary and I proudly produced her (expired) driver's license, which we hoped would suffice as a piece of identification.  He gave us a sheaf of papers to look over and then realized that he had left the one piece of paper she was supposed to sign at home.  Needless to say he was  quite distraught that he had this notary coming from Sacramento and he would have to send her back and reschedule.

He went out to the front desk to meet her and break the bad news and while he was gone, Walt went through the paperwork again.

Ed was gone a very long time and when he came back, it was with the notary.  Turns out, he said, that he realized there were computers at Atria for use by the residents and he was able to go on line download the form that he needed, and print it off so all was saved.

We moved to the library where there is a desk and the notary, who could not accept her driver's license as identification, asked me to get two people to confirm that she is, in fact, who she says she is.  It was the absolute worst time to get an aid to help.  They had just started serving dinner and everyone was in the kitchen fixing plates, but two girls were nice enough to come down and they got the identification made.

Paperwork was presented and she signed the papers.

Thank goodness that's over.  It should have been done long before this, but nobody thought about it.  It may be that soon she will forget how to write her name, so we got it just in the nick of time, and thank goodness for Atria computers.

I had to laugh when I looked back on "this day in my history" today.  I read the entry for this date last year, where I mention that the night before I had made short ribs and Red Lobster biscuits for dinner.  Guess what I made for dinner last night...?  I live my life in circles...

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