Monday, February 26, 2018

Rich is 80

Well, the Piñata Group Generation 1 folks, those who did not die, made it to the 70s and some almost through the 70s.  Now it's time to start thinking about the 80s, and Rich leads the way, celebrating his 80th birthday at a party arranged by son Steve.

It was a quiet, small-ish event at their home.  The Gen 1 families were represented by Char and Walt & me.  Four of the five Piñata Gen 2 families were represented, six of the original 22 kids.  I wasn't going to make them all stand together so I could get the traditional photo, but then I happened to look up and they were all standing together chatting so I got the traditional photo after all.

The weather was beautiful and we all ended up out on the patio drinking wine and visiting.  I noticed that Char and I were reflected in Ned's glasses and, of course, I had to take a picture of that too.

Char brought the usual vat of clam dip and Ned made sure to hover, just for old times sake.  I was going to make Mexican won ton, but in the end decided I didn't feel up to that much work.  That was probably a good thing since there weren't really enough people there to eat a whole batch and I would just end up eating them myself.

There was a lot of interest in the wedding album of Rich and Pat, reminiscing about their wedding.

There was a lovely carrot cake and even at 80, Rich had enough wind to blow out the candles.

The Piñata folks were the hangers-on, enjoying a fun get together that did NOT involve a memorial service!  But eventually we hopped in our cars and headed home, getting here in time to see the amazing closing ceremony of the Olympics.

Rich's birthday is actually on the 21st, but today is Walt's birthday.  He is only 78, though -- no big "do" for him for two more years, but a note on his Facebook page would be nice!

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