Thursday, August 24, 2017

Ten Little Indians

here were 11 kids in my mother's family, but one died at age 4 long before my mother was born, so we always just talk about there being 10 kids.  My mother is #8.  At some point, as the siblings began to die off, my aunt Barb started a poem for which she would add a verse whenever someone died.  It occurs to me that sooner or later, I will be writing the last verse.  I want to remember where I put this, so this is "The Tribe"
"Big Chief"
Stuart C. Scott
Born: Waterloo, Iowa, 1877
Died: Inverness, California,  1958

Little "No. 1" Squaw
Lucy Grace Kirkpatrick
Born: Santa Rosa, California, 1879
Died: San Rafael, California, 1960

Ten Little Indians
All Doing Fine
"Sam" lost her head
And then there were nine
Melva Marion Scott
Born: Crockett, CA, 1900
Died: Placerville, CA, 1969
Brain Tumor
Nine Little Indians
Out on a date
Jim couldn't breathe
And then there were eight
James Stuart Scott
Born: Stockton, CA, 1905
Died: Reno, Nevada, 1976
Eight Little Indians
searching for Heaven
Marge found it first
And then there were seven
Marjorie Olivia Scott
Born: Stockton, CA, 1917
Died: Carmichael, CA, 1980
Lung Cancer
Seven Little Indians
one in a fix
Betsy couldn't eat
And then there were six
Elizabeth Grace Scott
Born: Stockton, CA, 1915
Died: Santa Rosa, CA, 1981
Esophageal Cancer
Six Little Indians
well and alive
Jean drifted off
And then there were five
Jeanette Clara Scott
Born: Brentwood, CA, 1901
Died: Oroville, CA, 1984
Five Little Indians
Adding up the score
Paul got subtracted
And then there were four
Paul Allen Scott
Born: Valley Springs, CA 1921
Died: Richmond, CA, 1985
Liver Cancer
Four Little Indians
Up in a tree
Scotty flew away
And then there were three
Roger Lovell Scott
Born: Stockton, CA, 1914
Died:  Portland, OR, 1993
Lung Cancer
Three Little Indians
wondering what to do
color Marie gone
And then there were two
Marie Lorraine Scott
Born:  Stockton, CA 1910
Died:  Oroville, CA 1999
Two Little Indians
tanning in the sun
Barb said, "I'm burned"
And then there was one
Barbara Beverly Scott
Born: Valley Springs, CA, 1923
Died: Sacramento, CA, 2008
One Little Indian
not having any fun
Wait for me, cried _____
And then there were none
Written by Barbara O'Donnell

the last two Indians, before Barb was moved
to an Alzheimers facility

I will someday have to fill in that blank, but not yet.

I'm glad my cousin was able to find this for me.  I would hate to lose it.

The only photo ever taken of the WHOLE family


Mary Z said...

That's a great family resource to have. The birth dates span over 40 years. May I assume there was more than one mother?

Bev Sykes said...

Nope. Same mother. My mother's oldest sister was pregnant at the same time as my grandmother was pregnant with my mother!

Bev Sykes said...

First was born 1900. Last born 1923. Not 40 years.

Mary Z said...

Oops, I thought it said the first one was born in 1879. My bad!

Bev Sykes said...

You thought my grandmother was one of the kids. No--Stuart and Grace are the parents.