Tuesday, August 22, 2017

So Now What?

This may be my favorite picture from the eclipse

It's Char's daughter, Tavie who, as I mentioned in yesterday's entry, has been waiting for this day for 25 years.  I absolutely love the look of joy on her face.  My prayer for her and Char was that the experience would be all that they hoped it would be, and report from Char after the eclipse is that it was.  "Better than I dreamed," she said.

We were a bit more low tech here.

Walt was out in the back yard trying to check progress with pinhole cards.  They didn't work well, but we were able to check the progress by looking at the shadow of the leaves on our driveway.

Of course  there were people who were better than the rest of us and didn't need those cheap-looking eclipse glasses.

Oh how I wish he'd burned his retina, but I'm sure he's better than the rest of us and has the strongest retina in the world and doesn't need the help that the rest of us do.

So we can all put away our paraphernalia and relax for another 40 years.  It's come and gone and life goes on....

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