Thursday, August 17, 2017

Still no news

i stayed close to my phone all day today hoping for a call from my guru, but nothing. I'm becoming "zen" about it.  Worst case scenario--the computer is dead and somehow when it died it took my external drive with it and that's why my laptop won't "see" it. I'm trying to be ok with losing everything. Look on the bright side--no files to clean up...but let's hope it's not the worst case scenario.

I used my day to do some more cleaning up my office, and that was useful. Not time wasted by any means.

I also read a lot. I'm reading a fascinating book called "Never Caught," which is the story of a young enslaved woman, who was one of the "favorite" slaves of George and Martha Washington. They spparently spent years searching for her after her escape and she was never found, but lived life as a free black, i think raising a family in the process. I don't know the details because i haven't read that far yet, but I realize as I read this that I know essentually nothing about George Washington. It's absolutely fascinating, especially reading it in conjunction with "learning" the score to Hamilton.

And of course this is all enhanced by all the chatter on TV about Charlottesville, especially comparing Washington with Lee (#45 apparently can't understand why one is bad and the other forgivable, I guess)

A bit of excitement is that I had a call from Eargo, the hearing aid people and I ordered a pair, to be delivered on Friday. A new adventure awaits. Oh, and i had a call from a nurse who is coming to do a mental health evaluation on my mother.

Heck, who needs a computer?

BUT at 7:30 Walt got the external hard drive to work (it helps when you plug it in) and i feel 50% better.


Laurelie said...

I'm glad the hard drive is working! Hopefully you'll have some computer news soon, but in the meantime, it sounds like you have lots to keep you busy!

Jerry of Big D said...

I'm following you OK. Hope the entire PC comes back up.

JoyZeeBoy said...

WOO-HOO! Way to go, Walt!

Elaine said...

Hey, I found you! I feel like a stalker. Glad Walt was able to diagnose the problem with the external drive. I love my tech, but it can be frustrating at times.

Elaine (FiveAcres)