Thursday, August 31, 2017

A Dip in Temps

Yesterday was the only slight dip (mid-90s) in an otherwise triple-digit week, so my body responded by getting out and Doing Stuff.

I stayed home for a call from Eargo--my second--to find out if I am having any problems with my hearing aids.  I'm not.  But it's nice to know they care.

At noon, Polly had a vet appointment for an annual exam and to get her rabies updated so we can license her for another year. 

Leaving for the vet was not without drama.  Lizzie was determined to get out of the house.  Normally that's not a problem, but she saw Polly was on a leash and she was going to go out or die trying.  Despite all my attempts to block her or grab her or pull her back by the tail, yet she persisted and in seconds was half a block away.

I can't chase the damn dog down the driveway, so trying to chase her down the block was out of the question.  I got Polly in the car and tied to the brake handle so she couldn't jump out after me and I drove to where Lizzie was sniffing around a neighbor's yard.

Lizzie was just thrilled to see me and eagerly got into the car without a problem.  I drove her back home and got her in the house.  We had been asked to get to the office 5 minutes early, but what with chasing Lizzie we were exactly on time. 

Polly weighs about 11-1/2 lbs.  When Caroline was here (a veterinarian resident), she always called Polly a "sausage," and said that she needed to diet, but the vet had no comment on her weight.  But after taking her to the back to do the exam, she is reported to be in good health and able to live a long life.

They did recommend a dental appointment and said they would give me an "estimate."  She said a couple of her front teeth is a little loose and she might need an extraction.  Well, her check-up was $90 and her estimated dental appointment was anywhere from $350 to $650...but the estimate is only good for 3 months, as prices will go up after that (and I had to sign an agreement that I was aware of that).  I suspect we will not get the dental appointment!

We went to Jack in the Box for a quick lunch, which made me angry because my standard order is a plain cheeseburger (bun, patty, cheese), only when I parked to eat the burger, I discovered they had not included cheese, which just made it a dry burger.  I had 3/4 of it and gave the other 1/4 to Polly (who was thrilled).

They had given me a web site to fill out a satisfaction survey, so I came home, dropped Polly off and immediately filled out the survey.  Maybe I'll get a free burger out of it.  But not so far.
I knew if I sat down for a few minutes, I would never get up, so I headed over to Atria while I was still in "doing stuff" mode.  I noticed on the way over that gas prices have already started to reflect Hurricane Harvey's effects.

My mother greeted me as if I hadn't been there in a year and she was amazed that I was coming to see her (it had been 3 days since I'd been there).  We went to her apartment and talked for an hour.  They had given me some papers of her latest assessment that they wanted me to read over and sign.
When I left the apartment, I went to the office to drop the form off and they told me she has been acting "mean" and has been locking her roommate out of their apartment (Marge is not really a likeable person and my mother has told me on more than one occasion that she doesn't like her, but I didn't realize she was being mean).  They suggest I get her a urinalysis because they suspect she has a urinary tract infection, so that's on the docket for next week.

I went off to the supermarket.  I don't think I'd been there in a month and we were out of everything, including two critical things I went there specifically to get and then forgot to pick them up (flour and yeast).

By the time I got home, my back was killing me and so I rushed through putting refrigerated things away and leaving all the packaged things until later  Walt had been at work and came home with a bad back as well, so we both took Aleve and settled in to watch Master Chef's 2 hour special and let our backs rest

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