Sunday, March 26, 2017

Sunday Stealing

I actually think we have done this one (or at least many of the questions) before, but it's late and I'm tired, so what the heck...

1. What is the meaning of your blog’s name?
Funny the World is from a song our kids band performed and it seemed appropriate at the time I started this blog in March of 2000, which was shortly after our second son died (the other son who died died four years before):

Funny the world in a world all alone
I feel like I've lost everything that I own
Funny the funnies aren't funny any more.
Funny the tears as they fall from my eyes
There are two kinds of tears--
one from truth, one from lies
There's a broken soldier,
who's going home...

2. Why did you start your blogging?
I was an Erma Bombeck wannabe and wanted to see if I could produce a column-length entry every day.  6612 entries later, I think I proved I can, though nobody has come offering to publish it.  Also, my friend Steve Schalchlin, who is on the record as something like the 4th person in the world to start an on-line journal, was an inspiration and I figured if he could do it, I could.  I could and did.

3. What’s your usual bedtime?

4. Are you lazy?
Good Lord, yes.

5. Do you miss anyone right now?
These days I miss my sister, who died in 1971.  She should be here sharing the worries about our mother....and I miss my cousins, who were such a great support about her while they were alive.

6. How would you describe your fashion sense?

7. What are your nicknames?
Other than Mom and Grandma, I don't have a nickname.

8. Are you a patient person?
It depends.  I can be, but often am not.

9. Are you tight-fisted or frivolous?
Again, it depends.  I can put off getting hearing aids for years because of the cost, but buy books like "Goats of Anarchy" at the drop of a hat.

10. What magazines do you read?
I've never been a magazine reader, unless it's something I pick up at the doctor's office.

11. Are you stubborn?"
Not overly so.

12. When is your birthday?
February 17

13. What book are you currently reading?
by my friend Alec Clayton

14. What phone do you have?
iPhone 7.  I only just realized that they didn't build a plug for headphones into it.  What's up with that???

15. Do you have any pets?
Two rescue dogs.  Lizzie is a shaggy terrier mix and Polly is the Chihuahua mix that rules the house. 
16. Do you have siblings?
I had a sister 4-1/2 years younger, but she was murdered by her partner in 1971.

17. Any children or grandchildren?
We raised five children and buried two.  We have two granddaughters, age 9 and 5

18. What do you order at Starbucks?
I am not a Starbucks customer.  I much prefer Peets.

19. What did you do for your last birthday?
Walt took me out for dinner and the next day we had lunch at Atria, the facility where my mother is, with son Ned.  Birthdays mean nothing to my mother, who has dementia, any more.

20. What’s your occupation?
Part-time theater critic, full time retired.

21. Do you live in the country or the city?
It's a small-ish city, about 65,000, with adjacent country, just a mile or so outside the city limits.

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