Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Just Leave Me ALONE!

I'm so tired of people asking me for money, I decided to make a list of everyone who has sent email today asking for money:

Cheryl actually called.  She says she is my "Google specialist" and that she has a front page position for a business like mine, which I thought interesting since I have no business to advertise.

For his upcoming birthday, Barney Frank wants me to donate to help democrats win the next election
Steve Sisneros, Donna Brazile, Martin Sheen and James Carville each sent identical letters asking me to contribute to elect democrats in the next election.

The World Wildlife Fund will use my money to combat climate change

Someone wants me to send money to fight the slaughter of whales in Norway

World Vision wants me to donate to fight famine

Daly Kos thinks I should donate money to fight for privacy on the internet.  They also want me to send money to support a filibuster of Gorsuch

Care2 wants me to send money to stop cyanide poisoning

Carol King wants $4 to elect democrats

DCCC wants $5 to elect the democrat in Georgia (I've been getting this message at least once a day for a couple of weeks)

Act Blue also wants me to help get out the vote for Jon Ossoff in Georgia

MoveOn wants me to help prevent the removal first Black State Attorney in Florida because of her position against the death penalty.  The group Color of Change also wants my money to fight this issue

Robert Cruckshank (Democracy for America) wants a donation for Medicare for All

Kersha Deibel and Kelly Robinson from Planned Parenthood both want donations for the upcoming "Pink out America" event.

The Center for Biological Diversity wants a donation to help stop the pipeline

"KG" wants money to fight for Health Care and Climate Change

Int'l Wildlife funds wants me to send money to save the seals

Friends of the Earth wants to fight for a Clean Power Plan

Move On wants money to stop the building of The Wall and Trump's immigration policy

Oxfam wants financial assistance fighting Climate Change

Emily’s List just wants money to help  elect women

Sac LGBT Community is fighting for Transgender rights

Claire McCaskill sends an innocent looking survey about the Trump Agenda that ends with $5 plea for her upcoming reelection.

ACLU wants money to help block executive orders

The Courage Campaign wants me to help them pass the Religious Freedom Act (anti Muslim-Ban)
DCCC wants $4 to take back congress

Child Health Development Studies wants my support to continue student health investigations.

The Michael J. Fox Foundation wants money to help continue research on a new drug.

Eagle Creek wants me to support their clean water efforts

and Nancy Pelosi writes; "Donna Brazile emailed, Martin Sheen emailed, Barney Frank emailed, James Carville emailed, Carole King emailed. And now I’m emailing again."

This is just up to 3 p.m.  Most of these are things that would ordinarily not make it into my in-box, since I just delete them but today I was interested to see just how many requests for "just $3" or "just $4" or, in McCaskill's case "just $5."

It's just overwhelming and if you are a caring person and a concerned citizen, there are just too many requests for too many causes to decide which is the most important...and if you are a suspicious person, you begin to wonder how many of these requests are legitimate (especially requests like the identical ones from popular people)

Noticing that my mother was out of toilet paper yesterday, I went over today for lunch and to replenish her supply.  Also, the spindle holding the roll was gone again.  I think that when she finishes a roll and removes it, by the time she has thrown away the roll, she forgets what the spindle is for and throws it away.  She seems to be doing OK with putting the TP on the bathroom counter, so there doesn't seem to be any point to buying a replacement that she will just throw away.

We had a nice lunch and then we even had a brief real conversation, with her asking again what's wrong with her and me explaining about dementia and reminding her that both her mother and sister had it and that she was not as bad as they were.  That always seems to make her feel better about having this condition.

 I came home and took a nap.  I seem to find that after spending an hour or so at Atria, I need a nap to refresh.  Then I got up to make chocolate chip cookies.  Caroline was not feeling well after her ice cream indulgence of last night, with her friends, so I figured I'd make something without milk in it for her for dessert tonight.  Now I am marinating steak in the chimmichurri sauce her mother sent me the recipe for.  It has been so long since I cooked a steak I hope I don't screw it up!


Beryl Ament said...

I certainly agree about the pleas for money. We get so many requests in the mail too, and I wonder about the profit/loss ratio, what with paper, printing and mailing costs. I suspect most people are like us, with a few “pet” charities and the new requests, at least the paper ones, go straight into the circular file. As for the phone requests, we have become pretty good at saying, “sorry, no.” How do other people deal with this problem?

Bev Sykes said...

I have stopped being polite. I just hang up.

jenmoon said...

I hang up too.

I don't get through that much of my e-mail any more because at least 80% of it is SALE SALE SALE PLEASE BUY THIS GIVE ME MONEY SALE SALE SALE. I feel like I'm in Avenue Q and everyone is singing, "Give us your money...."