Friday, March 17, 2017


Well...she's here. . She seems lovely.  And she hasn't run screaming from the house yet.  I take that as a positive sign.

I spent a bit of time finishing the closet cleaning and took about 9 or 10 boxes to the SPCA thrift store.  The problem was that in cleaning out the closet, I found a lot of clothes that fit me that I had forgotten about.  I now have a big mound on the dining room table in the living room that I have to find space for in the downstairs closet.

Walt moved a cupboard and a desk upstairs.  The cupboard turns out to be a perfect place to put all the 33-1/3 records we still have (remember records?) and the desk fit nicely in the Pepto Room, whether Caroline (who calls herself "Caro," I have learned) needs one or not.

But most important we now have a family room again.

This may not look like much but remember we have had our kitchen table sitting in the room for over a year and we haven't had a third chair in there for many years.  Now we no longer have a kitchen table in the family room and we have a third chair for guests to sit in.

That meant putting the kitchen table somewhere and it's back in its place...sorta.  It's 90 degrees from the way it always has been, but it does fit this way.

The big desk we still need to find a home for is still over on the right and it holds the stuff that used to be on the kitchen table, until I can find a place to put it all, but by golly, tomorrow night we can all sit down together at the same table and have dinner together!

In the middle of all this I had lunch with my friend Kathy and we both remained depressed over the Trump situation(s) but we have run out of ways to express that.

Around 4:30 we headed off to the San Francisco airport to pick Caro up after her 7:30 arrival.  It was the height of rush hour traffic, but Walt took the Golden Gate bridge, which had very little traffic going in our direction, and we got to the airport on time.  He decided to park at the airport rather than wait for Caro to call us on her phone.

You cn sit down in the waiting area outside of customs and watch on a monitor as each person gets out of customs and is free to escape into the city.

Caro was able to text me and I could text her back at her UK number so we knew where to find each other when the extensive customs check was finally over.

Caro's visit made me tackle projects that have been waiting for years to get done...and I did them.  Maybe it will also prod me into going to get hearing aids  I don't think I understood  1/4 of what she said on the ride home, what with the combination of her soft voice, her British accent, and my hearing problems.  Getting hearing aids would at least give me a fighting chance.

I was going to go to the supermarket tonight to get corned beef for dinner tomorrow, but then realized that if I do, I will have to go through the Polly Barking routine when I get home, so instead I have set my alarm for 6:30 and will go out then.

But at least I know that when Caro unpacked her suitcase, she had someplace to put everything!

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