Friday, October 14, 2016

Today at Logos

Today Sandy starts her "every other week" schedule and I met Vojka, who will be alternating with her.  Seems like a nice lady.  I doubt we will become chatty like I have become with Sandy.

The first thing I did was to buy a photo card by Sandy Granett, local photographer who sells her cards at Logos.  I'm in a swap on SwapBot to share works of a local artist and I just love her stuff.  Usually she does flowers, birds, and bugs around Davis, but I liked this Halloween theme.  I hope my partner likes it.

I thought my first customer was a guy, when I saw "him" hunkering down in front of the craft books that should have been a clue) wearing a dirty cap with "Dubois" on it, sitting backwards on her-yes, she turned out to be a girl--head. She bought 7 bargain books, a crafts book a book on California History, and a contemporary fiction...and a bag to put them in.  The biggest sale of the day, at $42.77)

A farmer type in rumpled jeans, a blue shirt, and dusty shoes, as well as a camouflage baseball cap on his head.  He looked around for quite awhile and finally bought a book called "They Were Ragtime."

A tall guy in a plaid shirt bought a book called "Gershwins" which has been on the shelves for a very long time.

A guy looked around kind of aimlessly for a long time and finally asked me if I could help him choose a book.  He's trying to "get into reading" and wanted something short.  I gave him Steinbeck's "Of Mice and Men."

A large woman dressed all in black bought the Screwtape Letters and a copy of the Koran.  We talked about the problem of having too much stuff in our purses.

A older middle aged woman came in having just finished watching Deep Water Horizon at the theater down the street.  She liked it a lot.  But she didn't find an book that she wanted to read.  She thanked me when she left and said again how much she had enjoyed the movie.

The Antiquarian was in and out in about 3 minutes, finding and buying a copy of poems by Robert Browning.  He was in a hurry, so we didn't chat.

Peter's friend Tom came in with 4 books to donate.  He does this every week, then shops at the math book section and if he finds something (as he did today), I don't charge him for the book.

A woman with Minnie Driver curly hair that extended down the middle of her back was dressed all in black with a black back-pack and a multicolored scarf.  I don't know why I found her striking but I guess it was her bearing, but she just looked so "together" in a way I never have.  She carried a book around for a long time and ultimately put it back and left.

A tall guy with grey hair, a baseball cap and glasses on top of his head. He bought 4 bargain books, and 2 scientific books and then after he'd paid, he noticed the stack of books that Tom had left for Peter.  I just made up a price and sold him the one he wanted.

A blonde with a long aqua colored sweater with wide white stories at the bottom asked if she could put a book on hold. I told her we didn't do that.  It was a book on Korea and I told her that the chance of it being gone when she comes in tomorrow were slight, though admitted that I thought that about "East Across the Equator" which I set aside 2 weeks ago and was gone the following week.  She found that book for me!  I'll see if it's there again next week.  Last week I read something on my Kindle.  This week I chose a different book:

(No connection with Lillian Jackson Braun's "The Cat Who...." books)

A woman with a large drooling dog stopped by to look at the bargain books, but did not come in, which, given how much the dog was drooling, was probably a good thing.

A swarthy guy with big headphones hanging around his neck spent a lot of time in the show biz section and ultimately bought two plays and a Dostoyevsky book.

A woman wearing shorts an flip flops looked though the fantasy book for awhile and finally bought a book by Neil Gaiman.

Another woman with pink/blonde hair wearing a dress, sneakers and a backpack and a violin case took off her sweater and settled herself on the floor with her ebook and looked at the fantasy shelf.

An older woman bought 2 bargain books and said, again, how sad she is that Logos is closing in January.

The final person I dealt with was a woman, all in black, who came in, stood at the front and looked around.  Then she asked me "do you sell books?" Not sure what she thought we were doing in a store filled with books, but she said 'We have nothing like this in Orange County.  We have to go to Barnes and Noble or the library"

Maybe that explains a lot about Orange County.

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