Monday, October 3, 2016

Gabe's Big Day

We were so honored to be invited to Ashley's baby's baptism this afternoon, and the dinner that followed.  We had not met young Gabe yet.  He's been a very fussy baby since birth, but he couldn't have been better through the ceremony today.

Gabe and a 3-1/2 week old baby named Isabella (who wore the most adorable crown of baby roses, very briefly) were baptised at the same time.  Ashley was afraid Gabe would cry when water was poured on his head, but he didn't

After Gabe was blessed, there was a blessing for both Ashley and David too.

There was lots of photo taking, but Gabe finally decided he'd had enough.

We drove down to Dixon where we had a nice dinner at a restaurant there.  Dessert was made of cupcakes.

After dinner, Walt and I drove home, listening to the end of the audio book, Being There by Jerzy Kosinski.  We still had 7 minutes to go when we got home, so we went driving around town to get it finished!

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