Thursday, August 21, 2014

Jeri's Here! Jeri's Here!

Nights when I have to get up early for something are often nights when I can't sleep at all because I'm too worried I'll oversleep.  I got home after La Cage aux Folles last night and started the review, and then I took a break, as I usually do.  But I wanted to be sure to finish and submit the review first thing in the morning, so that I wouldn't have to worry about it when Jeri and Phil woke up and could concentrate on them. So I set the alarm for 6 a.m.  And then I couldn't sleep.  At all.

Finally at 2:30, I got up and finished the review and sent it off to the paper. Then I tried to get to sleep.  I did get a couple of hours, but the alarm I had set went off at 6 a.m. anyway.  I knew I wanted to make blueberry muffins for breakfast, so I got up then, made the muffins, fed the dogs, and went back to my recliner to see if I could sleep a bit more, knowing that as soon as someone of "those people" sleeping upstairs started down the stairs, I wouldn't need an alarm clock.  Polly would be barking her fool head off.

And she did.

It was so nice to see Jeri and Phil...and later, Alice Nan.   We sat around drinking coffee or tea and eating the blueberry muffins and just having a great time. The kids decided to take the dogs out for a walk. Walt decided to go along, so all three dogs were very happy.

Leashes.jpg (55439 bytes)

Alice Nan decided to go along for the exercise, though we had run out of dogs who needed walking.  This picture reminds me of following the yellow brick road...

BrickRd.jpg (65549 bytes)

After they returned, Jeri had to go downtown to pick up a cello she is borrowing for the week (she is learning the cello and needed one to practice on.  A guy who owns a music store doesn't know Jeri and she doesn't know him, but he knows her name from Lawsuit and figured she was OK to use his personal cello while she's here.  "It's nice to be Davis royalty," Phil joked!).  She and Phil took off for downtown in our car while Walt, Alice Nan and I took AN's car and went to Atria.

AN200sq.jpg (29255 bytes)We had fun visiting.  I just love how my mother comes alive when visitors are there.  The old sparkle is back.  I had gotten to the apartment before Walt and AN, and she was looking distressed.  I asked what was wrong.  She said she just didn't feel good and thought she might vomit.  It was the old, droopy, unhappy mother I visit every day.  But when Alice Nan got there and they started reminiscing about working together at the Bank of America, my mother lost the hang-dog look and joked and laughed just like her old self.  When I asked her, on the way to the restaurant, how she felt she grinned "fine!" and when I asked about her nausea, she said it was gone.

Of course the best part was when Jeri arrived and there were warm hugs all around.  Those two have always had a very special bond and a hug from Jeri is like a magic tonic for my mother. It amazes me that with the number of people she doesn't remember, or has to be reminded about, or has to have dates written down for her, with the fact that she doesn't know her great grandchildren, or recognize their pictures, and has to be told who they are when you talk about them by name, Jeri is the one constant (well, maybe I am too).  She knows when she is coming, she recognizes her, she knows her name, and just having Jeri here has always been a great boon to my mother.  Jeri, with her unflappable optimism, brings out the best in her and I just love it when she is able to be out here for a visit.

We went to lunch at the Atria restaurant and my mother ordered her usual vegetable soup and fruit salad, but when she saw everyone else going to the salad bar, she decided she'd have a green salad too.  The waitress (Sara) was very surprised.  She was even more surprised when my mother decided to have the dessert of the day instead of her usual ice cream cone.

lunch.jpg (42312 bytes)

When we finished lunch, we went back to the apartment, where Jeri gave us some examples of her growing cello prowess. Alice wanted to sit close so she could watch better.

cello.jpg (47124 bytes)

Walt just found the whole thing very relaxing.

WNap.jpg (47924 bytes)
Alice Nan had things to do and was going to Norm & Olivia's this afternoon, so she had to leave, and the rest of us decided, after looking at Walt, that naps all around sounded like a good idea -- and I could tell my mother was getting sleepy too -- so we told her goodbye and came home, but first we made a reservation for dinner tomorrow night back at Atria again.

Everybody kind of crashed after we got home, but I made the mistake of checking something on the internet about an article I'd written and got livid at what had been done to it, so I had to get up and Contact People.  Fortunately it was ultimately resolved (mostly, but not entirely, in my favor), but my adrenalin had been stirred up and I never did get my nap.

I suspect that with non-TV watching Jeri and Phil here, I may head off to sleep very early tonight.

Day 52: Everybody was happy especially the dogs!

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