Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Walt thinks I spend a lot of time on Facebook and, granted, I do check in several times a day, but I don't think I spend even an hour on Facebook. But I "share" a lot of great stuff that people have posted and I thought I would copy some of the most recent here for people who aren't on Facebook.

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I thought this said so much, but it got a long message from a someone who wrote, "with all due respect, my friend, this isn't the most accurate statement. I don't know anyone who disagrees with homosexuality who isn't moved by the suffering of malnourished children. The struggle of keeping one's life vs. a persons choice to have sex with someone of the same sex. You can't compare it. Not even close."

My response, "I would like to see people spending as much time trying to eradicate malnutrition as they do trying to keep homosexuals from having equal rights under the law -- to marry, to serve in the military, to get a job, etc. I suspect that if you made a table of how many anti-gay bills vs. anti-poverty bills were voted on in Congress, those little kids would lose by a mile. If Fred Phelps sent the money he spends on his "God hates fags" campaign to churches in African countries, he could have saved thousands of children from death from malnutrition."

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I see 36 bills about marriage, which are trying to prevent or abolish gay marriage...do you see a single one that will help starving children?

A picture that made me feel all warm and fuzzy today was this one:

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I "shared" it with all of my SPCA buddies ("sharing" means reposting it to your own Facebook age). But then this picture hurt my heart:

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This is the last picture of a dog who had just been put in a gas chamber, and was posted originally by people who are trying to eradicate gas chambers for animals. As several people asked--who would take a picture of such a thing. My heart hurts for this guy. Animal euthansia is probably necessary until people start acting responsibly about pets, but surely there is a more humane way to end an animal's life.

I liked this one, which really needs no comment:

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...nor does this.

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There are lots of cool things posted on Facebook and sometimes I'm sorry that there isn't a more efficient way to spread some of these things that strike me strongly with more people.

And now I've done just that.


jon said...

Great blog, Bev!!!!!!
I was raised a Republican. I used to say that with pride.
I now say it in shame.

phonelady said...

This was probably the wrong day to read this . Im so sick of having to fight to get some sort of health care for myself as Im on oxygen therapy at home while suffering a bout with pneumonia that put me in the hospital for three days !!! Im over this whole rat race over health care . i think ppl whose familys have fought for this country such as vietnam, korea , iraq , afghanistan you name it should
also be taken care of by this country and our government . Our families did not say no so how can our government say no to us !! It frankly pisses me off !!!