Thursday, September 22, 2011


I was looking over the pictures of Brianna, taken in the hospital after her birth and noting the difference between her and her sister.

Sisters.jpg  (35593 bytes)

The one thing that was striking about Bri right off the bat was that little rose shaped mouth of hers and pursed lips. It appears that Lacie doesn't have it.

Lacie is also a bit more of a chunk, and definitely has more hair than her sister did.

chunk.jpg  (64630 bytes)

(this is obviously my kid...look at those fat rolls on her arms and legs!)

In 2008, Dad started teaching Bri about the 49ers right from the very start.

9ers08.jpg  (52673 bytes)

Apparently Lacie is getting the same treatment (and is just as impressed!)

9ers11.jpg  (69043 bytes)

We talked with Tom this afternoon. Walt and I are going to have to stagger our trips down to meet Lacie. I am going to drive down after I've reviewed Shrek next week. He can't go down until later because he has a meeting, so he'll fly down and then we will both drive home together so he can be back in time to do his ALS Walk.

I can't wait to meet our new granddaughter.


phonelady said...

Congrats grandma and grandpa X2.

Harriet said...

My granddaughters are entirely different people, just as my two daughters were. It's a wonderful adventure.


Mary Z said...

It's amazing how the same genes can combine to produce such different people.