Thursday, April 7, 2011

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen memories I want to wrap in tissue paper, place in a box, and put right by the door so that in case of catastrophe I can grab them and never lose them.

1. Bringing Jeri home from the hospital, our first baby. Going in the house and walking up stairs to find the place full of pink flowers and a record of music box music going on the record player. So incredibly sweet.
2. Walt’s stage dive at the Thousand Red Roses concert.
3. Sitting behind Gilbert an watching him conduct
4. Sitting in the audience and watching Jeri conduct her own composition
5. Watching toddler David run up our little hill and throw himself into my arms for a big hug.
6. Toddler Tom running in the house, dirt on his face, football under his arm, to leap on my lap and nurse for a couple of minutes before running back outside to play again.
7. Giggling with Peggy in Australia, each of us sitting in office chairs at our computers and just finding everything funny, so good to be back together again.
8. Spending six weeks with my mother after her broken ankle. Sad for her, a blessing for me because of the time we had to spend together...and because out of that accident grew "cousins day"
9. Going with Sister Anne to take lunch to Pat, the blind guy who lived a few blocks from my high school
10. Standing in the supply closet with Sister Anne when she said that she was being transferred to Arizona.
11. Watching June Wilkins, the magnificent Lamplighters contralto, cut the cakes I had decorated for her for "June Wilkins Day."
12. Watching Ned swim the length of the diving pool after he’d done a belly flop off the 3 meter tower. I was so proud of him that day and how he climbed back up on the tower and dove again–this time hitting it right.
13. Paul’s stage dive at Whole Earth Day.

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