Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Old Friends

I came across this interesting meme the other day, which asked all sorts of cooking questions. I will probably do it the next time I do a meme, but I was thinking about it while I was mixing up some flour and spices to dredge medallions of pork in for making a pork picata (delicious, BTW!) and I realized that the bowl I was using was the largest bowl of a set of Tupperware that I bought when we were still living in Oakland (we moved from there in 1973).

TBowl.jpg  (38877 bytes)

Our friend Concetta had just become a Tupperware salesperson and over several parties, I bought a lot of stuff from her. This one has lost one of its handles, but in its day it has seen countless mixtures. Whenever I look for a mixing bowl, this is the one I use. (The others in the set are long gone)

Thinking about the bowl got me thinking about how many things I have had for a very long time.

Pots1.jpg  (59560 bytes)

Here are some more old friends. The Corningware in the upper left corner and the Le Cruset casserole in the lower right corner were both wedding gifts, nearly 46 years ago. The collander is all banged up but I think I brought that with us from Oakland too. The blue bowl in the lower left corner was the one that I kept my sourdough starter in for years until a foreign student living with us decided to clean out that foul smelling stuff in the bowl. I haven't made sourdough since.

Pots2.jpg  (43174 bytes)

The copper bottomed Revereware were all wedding gifts and all are still working just fine for me, though not nearly as shiny as they once were. I think we had to replace one pot when a handle broke off, but it's been a really good set for 45 years.

muffintin.jpg (43103 bytes)

I have two of these muffin tins, bent, beat up and with holes in them (see the second from the right at the bottom, for example), but I have made hundreds of muffins in them over the years.

Mixer.jpg  (42805 bytes)This may be the warhorse of the bunch. I know I had it when we lived in Oakland, when I was making all of our bread. This has a dough hook and it did heavy duty during those years.

When I took cake decorating classes and then started a cake decorating business here in Davis, I could not have done it without this mixer.

What stories this machine could tell if it could talk!

It doesn't get as much use now as it did when I first got it back in the 1970s, but I have definitely gotten my money out of it--and it is still going strong.

There are several other pieces of kitchen appliances that I've had around for decades. As with other things in my life, I tend to prefer the older, tried and true pots and pans rather than use a brand new one (though I do love my new big frying pan!)

One of these days I should go through all of the cupboards around here and toss out all of the appliances I no longer use, but if I did that, I suspect that these old friends (and many more) would not be tossed out. Too many good memories, too many shared experiences. You don't throw out old friends.

Going off on a 2-day Cousins Day. I probably won't have internet access, so I may be posting 2 entries when I get home. But, if I'm lucky, I'll be able to find something. Anyway, if I disappear for 2 days, that's why.


Yael said...

i keep liking every post that you write. it is so inspiring and gives me a lot fo moments thinking about my life.

Mary Z said...

I'm still using my Revere Ware starter set that I got as a wedding present 55 years ago. And have even bought newer pieces along the way. I quit polishing the copper bottoms at least 45 years ago. LOL (But they stay in the cabinet, not on hangers.)

Unknown said...

My oldest piece is a corning wear mixing bowl and a tupperwear small colander....I have had them since 1981....funny huh? I am over from swapbot!

Harriet said...

I have a couple of those blue pyrex bowls (half the set is blue on white, but the design is the same). Yes, a wedding shower gift, some 43 years ago.

jon said...

HEY!!!!!....That is my mothers Hamilton Beach Mixmaster. Have a great Cousin's day.

Kwizgiver said...

I've got a few of the same bowls, especially the one you used for your sourdough. It's funny to see someone else has it!