Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Take a Walk

We did something amazing today. We went for a walk. Now this may not seem amazing to you, but trust me, it was amazing.

My mother broke her ankle three years ago and what with the recovery period and then other physical problems that have come up, she has had difficulty even walking across the parking lot without pain. This has been very disappointing for her because her mobile home park has a lagoon with a 3/4 mile path around it, lots of greenery, ducks, geese, etc., as well as other people living in the park, and she has not been able to walk around it in all this time.

This has been particularly disappointing because she's such a nature person. She loves getting out and watching the ducks, especially in the spring when there are new families, and seeing all the new flowers blooming.

Well, last week she decided to try walking around the lake. She only made it across the parking lot, sat down for a rest and then went home, but she was encouraged so the next day she went a little farther, stopping for rests along the way.

Yesterday she made it all around the lake again and today the three of us went together around the lake.

It was a beautiful day, warm, but with a slight breeze. The flowers were blooming....

...and the ducks were relaxing around the shore.

We took our time, stopped once for a bit, and then made it back home again for more card playing.

I don't know how many games we played, but lots. The games go faster when there are only 3, not 4 people playing. And we were all making ridiculous mistakes that caused us the dishonor of receiving the boob. I swear, that latex boob got more action than a dancer in a topless bar. I was sorry it wasn't wearing a tassle.

Peach made drinks and I brought lasagna (which I figured would last us two nights). We watched the Dancing with the Stars elimination show and now the others are sleeping and I seem to have an internet connection, so I'm going to get this posted quickly before I lose it. (Though I get cut off whenever I attempt to upload and I may not be successful after all!)

But all in all, a very nice day.

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1teaspoonsugar said...

very nice blog. Your zest for life is clearly evident :) .. saw your other pen pal blog too.. interesting hobby is'nt it? I am becoming so addicted to swap-bot!
Anyway, heres wishing you many more lovely days like these.


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