Friday, April 22, 2011

It's a Girl

BabySister.jpg (4285 bytes)Am I good at keeping a secret or what?

When we received the news that Brianna was going to be a big sister in September, we were asked not to talk about it. So me, the blabbermouth of the world, has kept it (almost completely) quiet. I did tell a few people who were sworn to secrecy, but I didn't even tell Peach until yesterday.

They wanted to wait until the definitive ultrasound which would let them know that everything was OK with the baby and when they would find out the sex (though it wasn't not knowing the sex that was the reason why they wanted it kept quiet).

ultrasound.jpg (28874 bytes)I didn't even post this photo from the first ultrasound, though it was the wallpaper on my cell phone until I realized I couldn't read the dark print on top of it.

(Aren't 3-D ultrasounds amazing! I'm from the years when they didn't even let you hear the heartbeat.)

But the big appointment was yesterday and they took Brianna with them so she could see the baby too. I got a text message from Tom that they had uploaded a video to their photo web site (which I will not upload here because that's their thing to do).

I sent back a text that read " wifi at Grandma's house!" I figured I would have to wait until I got home to see the video (which I did), but Tom fired back a text asking if I wanted to hear the information.

I started calling him and he was calling me at the same time, but somehow we connected. I got the happy news that everything is OK with the baby, and the Downs screen they did came back negative today, so it's all clear for a healthy baby. And that the baby is a girl.

Brianna has been talking about a baby brother and I know Tom would love to have a son, but I can just see him as a Daddy to his two little girls. He'll be great and all of their friends will be in love with him.

Tom has a name he's pushing for, but I did the Bad Grandma thing before Bri was born and let leak the name they were considering, so my mouth (and fingers) are sealed. I think it's the PERFECT name, but it may not be everyone's cup of tea. If they do NOT name her his first choice, I will let you all know after she is born and has been named.

We're gonna be grandparents again!!!

Our 2-day Cousins Day came to an end this morning. We had scrambled eggs, bacon and toast for breakfast and then broke out the cards. Maybe we could fit a game in before we left.

Before we did that, Peach (who has twice empted her money bag and taken most of the coins to the bank) insisted on counting the money in my bag. She was betting I had $50 there. We piled up all the coins in $1 stacks

coins.jpg  (43427 bytes)

It wasn't $50, it was $40, and after we played two games, it was more than $40 (apologies to my mother). I decided not to remove it and bank it, but to let it ride. I've seen how quickly those coins can disappear when the cards aren't with you!

It was a good 2 days, but it was also good to get home again, for a couple of days, at least!


Mary Z said...

Congratulations on your new baby!

Y'all play for high stakes.

Harriet said...

Mazel tov! Isn't it fun!

My son and daughter-in-law did the screening but did not know the gender until a year ago. Charlotte is one year old. Her daddy is thrilled to have two little girls.

The name popped up when my aunt Charlotte passed away shortly before the baby was born.

Kim said...

You are much better at keeping a secret that I am, that's for sure! I'm so excited for you! And Brianna to have a baby sister. :)